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Do coffee or cigarettes sober you up quicker?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Superweener, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Just curious. I'm going out for a morning joint with some music, and coffee :smoke:
  2. I've found smoking cigarettes kinda kills my high but I don't normally smoke cigs either.
  3. well weed and coffee is just a fun combination :D i don't even know what sober is anymore :laughing: I don't think you'll be too baked off that one joint :smoke:
  4. Oh no, there's 2.8 grams of Green Crack left after that joint. I'm plenty good one that :smoke:
  5. Smoking a cig after smoking a joint usually intensifies the high for me, nicotine gives you a small buzz.

    Coffee does sober me up quicker but not much, it's best to just ride it out.
  6. No they do not. The only thing that can kill your high is your mind.

    Showers don't kill your high. Eating doesn't kill your high. None of the bullshit people spew about this or that making you sober is true. It's all in your head, but then again all of reality is all in your head.
  7. Tobacco turns my high into more of a body lock high, regardless of if its indica or sativa. Thats why I dont like spliffs :)
  8. Well it doesn't kill the high but it is dangerous.

    As OSG said the mind is the only thing that kills a high, things kill highs by how they react with the mind.

    Now here's the thing. It dangerous to injest stimulants while stoned.

    Have you ever got paranoid when high that your hearts going to fast?
    Stuff like that. Nicotine and caffiene are stimulants and can be just as dangerous as cocaine.

    Be careful. Wait til' you know how your body will react. :wave:
  9. No but i sure do dabble in both occasionally.
  10. Personally, coffee keeps me up for a longer period of time. However, if I smoke a cigarette I get ramped up from the nicotene buzz but when that's over it feels like I'm not as high because the nicotene was already there. I tend to wait at least until my high wears off to have a cigarette, because then it gets brought back up. :smoke:
  11. this guy is right, im not much of a coffe drinker but the day i quit tobacco i had a cup of coffe and my heart was going fucking crazy like a irregular heart beat, and i was sober as fuck... i was thinking to myself- this is why caffeine kills 10 thousand people a year and marijuana doesnt :p

  12. [​IMG]

    Haha sorry, I'm just real baked and that blew my mind.

  13. Ah but it IS all in your head :)

    The stuff we are made of is 99.9+% empty space between subatomic particles. That chair you're sitting on is mostly nothing at all. You're sitting on fields of fundamental forces as particles whirl around doing their dance. You're MADE of fields of fundamental forces as the stuff you're made of whirls around doing it's dance. That stuff, by the way, all came from the death of Stars. Every atom heavier than hydrogen, the lightest element, came from the death of Stars.

    Did I blow your mind some more? :D
  14. People have been asking the same question about alcohol for decades. Nothing sobers up a drunk person. Nothing gets you unhigh. Except time.

    good stuff :hello:
  15. i usually drink coffee to enhance my high :D caffeine+mj= awesome :smoking:
  16. Why are you capitalizing the S in star? Just curious...
  17. cigs tend to increase my high a little..also a cool shower seems to kill it a little..but its probably my mind tellin me this shower WILL sober me up
  18. Because I felt like it due to the fact that as the source of all energy and life they deserve the same respect as our Sun.

  19. OSG you never cease to blow my mind.

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