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Do cigarettes increase your high??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SlayerOfTheGods, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. i love it when people say "smoking cigarettes after weed makes you __% higher!"

    first of all, where the hell do they get that number from, highness isnt something you can calculate.

    and no, it doesnt make you higher, cigarettes make you light-headed tho, which may feel a bit more intense when you're already high, just like anything does.
  2. i cures ur nictoine craving if u smoke and makes ur high more enjoyable
  3. in my opinion nicotine has no effect on ur hi. nicotine does make u more relaxed tho, but ive noticed tht most ppl smoke a cig rite after they blaze but most ppl dont kno tht ur highest peake is 15min after u blaze so i guess ppl think they get higher but its just the weed
  4. i dont think soo.. i mean maybe if u dont smoke cigs at all but if u smoke cigs its just i d k lol required to light up a cig after smoking. but hey if it makes ya feel higher bro go for it.
  5. I wouldn't say it increases your high.
    It definitely changes it though, never by a consistent amount. And sometimes it never changes.
    I usually smoke my hookah after a nice sesh, the amount of nicotine in one bowl of that most definitely relaxes your high even further.

    But, like weed, tobacco affects everyone differently while high.
  6. I don't smoke ciggys
    but if someone gives me one or i come across a full one and i have bud i'll save it till after i smoke
    it definitely makes my high last about an hour longer than it would with no nicotine
    but idk i'm not a cigarette smoker so it may affect me differently than you guys that smoke alot of cigs

  7. Placebo.
  8. naw it's not cuz i noticed that and told someone and they said they get the same thing
  9. Cigs for me always made me calmer when I was high and seemed to me like it brought my high down lol
  10. this thread is from 2002, LOL.
  11. yeah imean yeah, but not like enough to just do cuz of that. weed is great by itself regardless
  12. If you smoke cigs on a regular basis I don't think it does..
    But if youre like me then yeah I deffinately feel higher after a cig... especially (or maybe ONLY) menthol
  13. only if its a newport cuz they have glass in them. and it cuts you lungs and lets in the tch sticking to you lungs. but idk it happens for me
  14. lmfao its probably older than some of the people posting on the apprentice tokers forum
  15. I think a cigarette with a high percentage of nicotine can relax you a lot, especially with kush :D
    But I prefer plain ol' weed
  16. it ups my high, nothin like a newport 100 after a bowl pack. problem is, once it's out I just want another one
  17. I've only smoked herb, never smoked a cig in my life. So i wouldn't know.
  18. The answer is NOOOOOO. As a frequent weed user, abuser, confuser i was told that cigarettes increased my high.. of course I had no reason to believe differently... IN FACT I started smoking cigarettes solely to increase my high, only to find out 3 years down the road that cigarettes in fact weaken most medicinal and street drugs, by weaken I mean force them out of the body/brain. The affect your feeling when you think it increases your high is actually two different highs, a nicotine high, and a marijuana high... smoke without cigarettes if you can, you will get much higher! any questions? i will check back 2 see laterz
  19. i like hitting a jack after a blunt....

    nice cool menthol.....

    its boost my high.....

    or adds a nice mellow feeling....

  20. I always found that Newports and Kools after a sesh were very nice. It cant be all hype, a lot of my metalhead buddies growing up smoked Marlboros but they would always have a Newport right after burnin one.
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