Do Christians have their pets " fixed " ?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Peacefullbuddah, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I was thinking about christians and abortion , and thought about something that seems contradicting . Christians believe that you should not have an abortion because it was gods plan to have that child , so do they believe that you should also not neuter your pets because it interferes with gods " plan " ? To me it seems that if you fix your pets it's kind of along the same lines as getting an abortion ( both are preventing a life from being born ) . Maybe I haven't thought enough about it , but it seems kind of right right now . Any opinions on this ?
  2. yea it is hypocritical but if i would have to guess (not being a christian), they would probably say dogs are a lesser form of life and arent apart of "gods plan" for life
  3. Beat me to it. If (some) Christians believe they're better than people of other religions, then it's very understandable that they don't believe animals have any significant role other than our entertainment or companion
  4. or its because that caring people, christian or not, dont want to bring more animal babies into this world that will only suffer because they cant be taken care of.
  5. still some ppl looking for abortions are abusive, poor (unable to support a child) and meth addicts

    yet christians say abortion is wrong cause "god" doesnt want it (us as humans dont deserver to make that decision)

    i personally am pro-choice
  6. That's a given. Gosh, did you even read the OP's question. Goodness. ;)
  7. i was just saying that cuz would seem the topic is not irrelevant when that fact is taken into consideration,

    but since even jesus himself went with his parents to temple with a lamb to be sacrified,

    i guess your thought of christians not caring about animals would be validated.
  8. jesus was a jew...

    (meaning him and his family werent christian)
  9. I sure hope they do or Bob Barker is going to fuck some shit up...


  10. I was just saying that if bla bla then bla bla bla. Yknow?
    I wasn't meaning to put anybody under an umbrella or stereotype.
  11. i love the price is right...
  12. Christianty teaches that animals have no soul.
  13. Abortion and birth control are two different issues. The Catholic church forbids both. In that case, spaying/neutering pets might be considered hypocritical. Protestants see abortion as murder of an unborn child while birth control is simply family planning. In essence, you're preventing pregnancy as opposed to terminating an existing pregnancy.
  14. an abortion and neutering your pet are way to different things if anything you could compare a girl getting her tubes tied and spaying a female pet an abortion gets rid is done after the act neutering spaying or getting your tubes tied castrated is done before the having sex

  15. haha, not castrated, vasectomy.

    but yeah, that was gonna be my comment about the tying of the tubes and vasectomy procedure.

    Also, the whole lower form of life and all that genesis stuff about god giving every animal for the use of man and man had dominion over them.

    abortion does not equal getting a pet fixed. That's illogical reasoning
  16. And why haven't we applied this logic to people yet? I can think of entire regions that need to be fixed. Let's start with Missouri.
  17. I don't think jesus cares about dogs.

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