Do Carbon filters dry out?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lowfoe, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. After having a cheap no brand carbon filter (only type available in my country) exposed to high humidity for quite some time I'm wondering if it has dried out and is supposed to be working again now or its had it? I'm now running a dehumidifier so humidity is no longer a problem but it's late in flower and I'm getting stank all over the show. Starting to worry about nosey neighbors. Got a terrabloom filter on the way from the states but won't make it here in time for this grow. I know it's not a phat or phresh but the amount of shipping I'm paying is almost the cost of the filter again. Thanks guys
  2. you should look into a DIY filter if you cant refill the one you have. As far as ive been told they old last for about 90 days before they need to be swapped out. I have made a DIY filter for myself and only need to buy a $6USD can of activated carbon once it stops filtering the smell.
  3. The terrabloom one on the way says it lasts 2 years. Now I highly doubt it but 90 days doesn't seem long.
  4. I harvested twice and have more that are flowering now, been running the filter this entire time 24/7 and it's still working perfectly.
  5. I'm always smelling something at like a good 10 metres away sometimes more. New filter better fix it otherwise I'm stumped for ideas

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