Do buds need curing for edibles

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  1. Should buds be trimmed and cured if only for edible or can I go from drying them then right to decarbing to make my oil?
    Thanks for your advice the plant on right is for my edibles.

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  2. Just dry them and you're good.
    Curing is for a smooth smoke of the plant matter.
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    I second that motion. I did that exact thing & didn't notice a difference. If I had a sample of each side by side to test who knows? EDIT for a tincture, I'm speaking of, for a gummy etc IDK.
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  4. Thanks brother Foster.
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  5. How else are you gonna remove that starchy green taste....? maybe you like it?
  6. When I worked on the commercial farm some or allot of products like hash the weed/buds are going directly into the freezer. Green not dried,......................Fresh cut or harvested
    Wished I still had some of hash Its a light tanned color ( blond ) and its really good.
    I have made a shit ton of hash , The master grower pretty much said go away to me because his way produces a better quality

    I am not educated on making extracts ..
    The trichomes with the thc is on the outside of the plant.... dried or not.

    I know this thread is not about hash but it seems there are new ways of making certain extracts now that conoidic the older ways of making certain extracts.

    Off topic i am sure 20220906_141458 (1).jpg
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  7. I'm interested are you speaking of washing/freezing & somehow collecting the trichomes? :yay:
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  8. I will have to make a phone call.
    The person might not be willing to give out all the details.
    I called , he didnt answer .. I am sure he will call me back .
    LOL on the farm and the others farms ( largest Cannabis Co-op farming in Nevada ) < I don't know how to say it correctly, some questions they just don't answer.
    I will find out what I can.
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  9. What are we looking at in the pic?
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  10. Live resin
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  11. Homemade?
  12. Yes, first time Press with heated aluminum blocks or blocks I heat with a torch,
    Weird the resin seem to kind of separate the surface popped evey once in a while .
    I still have a slight amount ,
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  13. how much psi to press? & what r u pressing? lol
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  14. Dried buds 20 tons
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  15. Just got into concentrates so I'm pretty ignorant
    So this is pressed flower?
    Resin or rosin?
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  16. above my pay grade. thanks for the info though.
  17. Yes pressed flower.
    I made the aluminum press plates .
    I used a friends gas powered log splitter, i think its rated at 20 tons
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  18. My X boss/friend called me.
    Bubble hash, Live resin and butter the buds are cut off the plant at harvest and put in the freezer green.
    I have always dried my weed first, every book i have read about making hash or butter or live resin says dry the weed. :confused_2:
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  19. sounds ez enough to try. the wife was so wiped out on 2 drops of the concentrate that friends were concerned.:blush:
    gonna make some "simple" green dragon tinc (I love the color) for the lightweights, using the "scientific method" of course. :hola:
  20. My wife can only handle CBD honey that I make. She can't handle no THC anything. I got some CBD deisal from cropking ,20% CBD, -1% THC . It's a nice change from the thc and if I eat a gram I'll get a nice functional buzz. I grew CBD for the 1rst time last year,I'll always grow it now.
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