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do bongs leave smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. im renting a room in a family house temporarily. theres no smoking allowed but i bought a bong and ive been smoking in my room and just blowing it out the window. ive done it a few times while the land lord was home sleeping in the room across from mine but she never said anything.
  2. As long as you blow the smoke completely out the window and don't let the the cherry smoke you'll be fine. Spray a little Febreeze if it's really smelly bud.
  3. Can't you just step outside to avoid getting in trouble?
  4. does it smell when you take a shit???? :D
  5. yeah but as long as you stay in your room/dont open the door alot and not let people in there you should be fine
  6. Yes, except when I tell it not to.
  7. My bong leaves a smell :hello:

    Seriously though...pack small snaps so nothing is left burning in your bowl that you aren't inhaling and exhale through a sploof pointed out the window.
  8. yeah i could go outside but sometimes i want to toke at 1am and dont feel like walking outside
  9. bong water reeks...
  10. Does your shit stink...?

    Bongs too.
  11. Bongs do not leave smell. However weed leaves a powerful odor when you smoke it, and usually before you even smoke it you can smell it too. Stinky stuff it is.
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  12. Yep....

  13. No, my shit smells like roses :cool:

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