Do blind people from birth see anything?

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  1. So, if you are born blind, what would you see? They have no color perception, so do they see "nothing"?
  2. right? i used to think of this all the time haha, never knew any blind people though.
  3. That's a very interesting question. I wonder how they perceive images in their mind if they have nothing to base it off of. Like what do they think the color blue looks like?
  4. of course they see nothing. That is the definition of being blind. A lack of sight. An inability to see. What is there to think about?
  5. I don't think anyone is disagreeing that they're blind and cannot see. I think the question is more along the lines of what does seeing nothing look like? Do they just see black nothingness?
  6. I think it would definately vary between individuals. But the fact still is that if you are completely blind you will just see darkness. So when they think back to past experiences It would most certainly be dark..

    So then the recollection of past experiences would have to be triggered by certain smells, sounds, and tactile means instead.
  7. And not to highjack the thread, but does anyone know how blind people use the internet?
  8. Its almost impossible to imagine what its like to be blind. Blind people literally see nothing, not even the darkness we see with our eyes closed.
  9. hmm i wonder what kind of stuff they imagine
  10. They probably see more visual emotion than any of us
  11. There have been studies in which a certain psychedelic drug (which I will not name) was given to blind animals. Some scientists believe that this drug can induce visuals even to the blind, though the kind of visuals they perceive are likely to be very different.
  12. They have no perception of light at all, they do not have that sense. So they don't even see darkness.
    Think of it this way- there are some animals that have an extra sense that allows them to "feel" electrical fields around them. We understand that they have this and how they use it, but we have no sense of it ourselves and are incapable of understanding how they experience it, what it feels like. That is how sight is for blind people.
  13. so when blind people get horny what do they imagine to get off if theyeve never seen the oppsite sex?
  14. And what do they dream about?
  15. what would happen if a blind person took a psychedelic drug?
  16. How would you explain a colour to a blind person?

    mind... full of fuck...
  17. Text-to-speech (reads everything on your screen out loud) and also "Braille monitors" which output the same information to a dynamic braille touchpad thingmajig.
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    they percieve images by touch. though they may not understand the concept of colour, im sure they can create some kind of image from feeling something.

  19. there was a blind kid in my psychology class in high school. he shared that he hears and feels and stuff like that in dreams. If it was sunny in his dream, he would feel heat. something like that.

    and i hear blind people on shrooms is much more enjoyable, even without the visuals. the smell is enhanced like a bloodhound, touch is crazy sensitive. cool stuff. wish i could chill with a blind person while this is happening.
  20. It would be kinda cool to be blind at birth. You double your chance of getting a bj because hey, a mouths a mouth right?

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