do blacklights interrupt the night cycle?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrbtokin420, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. do they?? I was thinking of using them to check on my plants during the night night (they're flowering atm)
  2. Not sure about black lights, but my local Hydro Store had some green led lights on a head band that are suppose to be 'flower room' safe
  3. You're better off using green colored bulbs. When plants absorb light, the basically absorbe every color except green, that's why we see them as green, therefore, if you use a green light, it won't disrupt the cycle.
  4. but will a blacklight interrupt the night cycle if used for short periods?
  5. yes .......
  6. Here, check this out.
  7. LOL I tried... this is a pretty specific question I couldn't find anywhere on google
  8. By right, we shouldn't be in the flowering room while light are off.
    No, black lights will interupt the light cycle.
    Theres times i also have to do a bit of work during lights out, i use an ordinary green light bulb and it does the job.
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  9. Yes, the plants are sensitive to UV rays. Just stay out of there during dark cycle, you have 12 hours a day that lights are on to take tend to your flock.

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