Do bigger leaves equal bigger buds?

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  1. So I been wondering, I'm finishing up my first harvest and these girls look amazing but I did harvest a single plant(same strain) a few months ago and the final product looks a little less than expected. I was wonder because I usually trim a few time during very and once during flower. When I trim in flower I get rid of all the big leaves in order to get light penetration to the bottom branches. I was wonder if I leave the big leaves will bud size increase or is it just the strains genetics?
  2. She's about 3-4 weeks from finishing up. The smaller buds are about the size of a finger width and as you can tell the biggest leaves aren't that big.

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  3. No. Its like asking does a mans bigger beer belly make his pecker bigger ? No relation .
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  4. What strain is it ? I am a Sativa grower normally and my buds are the size of my forearm.
    You train your plants differently then me, I don't trim that many leaf's off .
    I have no choice but to use trellis netting or my plants will not support the weight of the buds.
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  5. The strain is mothers milk. The harvest I just started are clones. 2 weeks (14 days in propagation), 2 months in veg and she's in flower for 9-10 weeks. She's definitely a sativa because it was definitely a head high. I do LST on all my girls but recently I have topped at 2 weeks of veg while doing LST and man did they get bushy!
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  6. Your right,what you said has no relation to my question because if you think about it the bigger the leaves the more energy she can consume and obviously she needs the energy to make food. It's like if you grow a.plant under the shade and one in the sun, the one in the sun will grow faster and bigger. So that's why I ask, less leaves equals smaller buds?
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  7. From clones with 6 inches of roots to flowering for me is 4 to 5 weeks max in a DWC system.
    Amnesia Haze has a 14 week flowering cycle.
    Now my plants go into he first tier of trellis netting at 5 to 6 weeks old.
    Plant is burned but gives idea of size of the buds at harvest .

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  8. Wow those ladies are nice!Show me your wisdom oh wise one!what do you use for nutes?
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  9. :roflmao::lmafoe:
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  10. IMO plants grow faster in hydroponics then in compost mediums.
    Switching to hydroponics is expensive! Is that what your wanting ? My nutrients are designed for a hydroponic system. I use Canna Aqua nutrients , they make nutrients for compost and soil growers .

    There is allot to this topic
  11. once i start flower i leave ALL THE LEAVES ON if they block sites i tuck them down eventually they consume themself and die off the last time i did a heavy defoal in flower my buds were much smaller and same strain so yes it matters
  12. No I grow in Coco coir. Anyways, what's your opinion on leaving bigger fan leaves?will they help with bud size?
  13. You trim off about 60% more then me .
    I trim enough to get light to the plant I do a Loli Pop style training .
  14. I tried doing the lollipop method but the lights I have penetrate to the bottom that I have more compact buds towards the bottom than I do up you suppose that by removing that much foliage I'm doing more harm than good for the structural growth of the bud?
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  15. I use clones, they are topped at 3 to 4 weeks and put in the first tier of trellis netting.
    Again my strain is a 14 week flowering cycle'

    i made a multi tier trellis netting system

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  16. How much foliage do you remove during flowering?
  17. I keep about 50% off . but remove leaf's every other day
    Its never over 25% of the leaf's
  18. Nice thinking. Lets say in a condition outside under a shady area or a corner of a grow room Yes you would get more light sucked in there . Normal conditions no difference . Yield per plant sative or indica i actually pull more with a sativa huge long buds vs indica larger leaves smaller tighter buds
  19. The strain o have right now, Mother's Milk, is small popcorn buds but dense. They look fluffy but are really rock hard. Of course after harvest they shrink but from looking at an ounce it looks like a quarter.
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