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Do Bigger Hits Get You Higher?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexstartsagain, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. This might be common sense, but I don't wanna damage my lungs if there is no actual reward.

  2. More THC=Higher.

    So yes
  3. Yeah I heard somewhere that taking one big hit of weed will get you higher than taking several hits of the same amount. I think it has to do with the THC threshold in your brain.
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    beer and vodka is a good comparison
    if you drink the same amount of ethanol in each medium the vodka will still seem to get you drunker,
    its also a more intense drunkness too.
    bong rips  get you higher because your ingesting more in a shorter space of time,
    however i find bongs reduce potency slightly because of the water cooling, further distance the smoke travels and also the time it spends not in your lungs may allow some of the thc dissipate 
  5. if you can hold it all in long enough for all the thc to get absorbed why not :) i like small rips then inhale a bit of air to get it down deeper and keep some oxygen to the brain lmao
  6. bigger hit = more thc at once = higher
  7. If you were to smoke the same amount but in big hits vs little hits the big hits would deliver more thc to your brain in a shorter period of time, so yes, you would get higher in that sense. Although I think if you smoke the same amount after like 20 minutes you won't notice a difference or give a shit. But why is this question even being asked? Don't you rip it as hard as you can anyway :)

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  8. 1 big hit will get you higher than one little hit, but the same amount of weed smoked in a few big hits or lots of little hits will get you to the same level
  9. How old are you man. 14? 15? 13?

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  10. Personally, 100% yes. this question is based on personal experience. to just answer "yes" or "no", you have to back that up with some studies on thc intake.
  11. Take a couple big bong rips of sour d then tell me you wont get high as shit lol.
  12. no, IME if you smoke a joint you're gonna be just as high if you take 20 big hits or 40 little ones.

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