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Do Big Hits Make You Gag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, May 25, 2013.

  1. I notice when I take really big hits, too big of hits I guess, it makes me feel like throwing up and I end up gagging. Like from my gravity bong just now. 
    Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me or what?

  2. I've straight up gagged on smoke before, I've come close to puking, but haven't pushed myself that far. It's just from the smoke being way too thick, and travels down your "food pipe" instead of your "wind pipe", thus making your food tube go "OH FUCK WHAT IS THIS SHIT, REJECTREJECTREJECT!!"
  3. Oh ya lol.this new bong I got made me throw up twice in one night. Us I was taking big hits but they were small compared to the other bong I have.

    I've thrown up maybe 5 times from smoking, but always gotta take that next hit.
  4. I puked yesterday after having a monster, the taste of the monster made the smoke more horrible tasting than usual
  5. Never happened to me before... but im sure its bound to eventually
  6. Yeah I have before. Usually I know that I'm about to take a huge bong rip when my mouth starts to water while I'm milking it.
  7. It happens to me whenever I take huge hit.  It normally happens when i take a huge bong rip.  I cough a lot and spit up some.
  8. aha, I took a gravity bong where the smoke was so thick it was like green and i was burping out smoke for like 2 minutes afterwards xD
    its just the thicker the smoke the hotter and harsher itll be and your body kinda goes "wtf is this shit"
  9. Nah I usually absorb the hit into the mouth like big "gulp", I used to cough immediately everytime but it was usually because the weed was very potent (so dank you won't be able to take another hit). Overall, I love that shit! 
  10. i rarely gag from my bong, however if its not the best weed and i pack to big a cone ill cough and splutter and do the whole bit
  11. If you are burping out smoke you swallowed it down wrong tube. I have acid reflux so sometimes even small hits make me gag.
  12. No but it does make me cough like a motherfucker though.

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