Do better bongs get you higher?

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  1. This might seem like a dumb question but one time, I smoked out of my dealer's bong at his house and it had to be among the highest I have ever been before. I noticed his bong was really nice and it looked more expensive than other bongs I have smoked out of. So I even got the same weed and smoked it out of a blunt and a different bong but I didn't get as high (I even smoked more). So that leads to my question, is a nice $150 glass bong gonna get you higher than a $20 glass bong? Just using those prices as an example
  2. Bong related answer:
    His bong likely had multiple percs and/or ice resulting in a smoother hit.(=you often can inhale more than you could otherwise).
    There are other differences such as down stem/bong diameter/length.

    Non-bong related answer:

    The environment you're in can actually make a big difference psychologically, my friends said they always get higher when they smoke at my place.. I always thought the exact same thing about smoking at their place.. I don't think it's coincidence.
    Other factors also, such as what you ate/drank, time of day, even how much sleep you got will all make a slight difference.. as well as how long it had been since you last smoked..and everything tolerance related.

    I could mention more variables but.. nah
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  3. the taller the bong and the more percs and shit, the more smoke you can get at once without coffing. some experts say that the way to get the highest is to absorb the most marijuana smoke or vapor in the same breath

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