Do best friends check each other out?

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  1. I don't know I really admire my closest friends both male and female. Is it not Platonic to take a peak once in awhile?
  2. Damn homie even dudes are putting you in the FZ?
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Depends on how you define platonic...

    Without their knowledge I would say no. Getting a sense of excitement or thrill, I would also say no. Appreciating their body as beautiful in an intimate but decidedly non sexual way I would say yes.

    What are you trying to ask?
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  5. You mean you wonder if people check you out like you check out other people? Depends on if there is anything worth checking out. You okay-ish looking at least or hopefully better? Maybe. You have a neckbeard and broken teeth and a lazy eye? There's always blind singles¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I dont check out my best friends, but some people do. When I lived with my best friend she'd always comment on my boobs or my body. Still to this day. Idk.
  7. I don't check out my long-term friends. Just because I've known them for so long and we've openly talked about stuff to where we know each other's baggage that it just seems weird to see each other as anything more.

    There are times where I may not see them for a while and may look them more in terms of how much they've changed. But that's it.
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  8. How do you not see how someone looks? They are right there in the environment. You notice them like you do all other things. Trying to look past them would probably be worse. Yet, there is a difference between noticing someone and staring/fantasizing about them. And of course you are going to form your own idea of attractiveness as you go along and notice how people look. Observe, don't attach, and remember that people are more than bodies.

    I liked this:
  9. Stop now. Your tits will grow.
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  10. Friends are people too.
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  11. I totally check out my female friends. Nothing wrong with appreciating another person...unless it's creepy or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  12. Speaking from the experience of a woman. Even the biggest man-eater will check out a woman before a man. Not because she wants to fuck her but because we are inherently so competitive. I think being like that is fun if its healthy and you love yourself.
  13. It is a normal mind, I also admire my friends which around me. But I DON'T connive my mind into other creepy even awful thought. Friends are still friends,invariably.

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