Do autoflowers growing in fresh fox farm ocean soil even need fertilizer?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by putinfanboy96, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. That's what I'm growing this auto flower Hindu Kush in, do I even need to add any extra fertilizer or nutes to it or will it be fine by itself? 1564766768766.jpg

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  2. they will need fertilizer at some point
  3. They claim that you'll be fine for up to 2 months... I don't believe that for a second though.
    I'd heard people say that Ocean Forest tended to be too "hot" for autos, so i cut my mix back to about 60% FFOF, 30% Black Gold and 10% perlite.
    I ended up having to start feeding around Day 21, when i noticed my autos looking a little lustful for nutes.
    If you're in straight Ocean Forest soil, i'd think you might be okay for a month.

    I think this idea that autos don't require as much nutrients as photos might have been something passed over from the early generations of autos. I think the newer strains are much more on par with photos when it comes to nutrient requirements.

    My girls were hungry as fuck for them. I was feeding at about 50-60% of recommended dose and in hindsight, i wish i had've been feeding at full dosage... they could've used it.

    I think you might want to consider starting off a low-dose feeding schedule soon, slowly working your way up to see how your plant reacts. Mine had a noticeable improvement as soon as i started feeding.
  4. How will I know it needs fertilizer?

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  5. How does this sound then? I will put 1/4 of bat guano in a gallon of water, let it seep for a day or two, then I give my soil that my weed plant is growing in 1/4 of a gallon of liquid bat guano? Do you think this will be sufficient for it for being safe?

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  6. I can't answer that one for you... bat guano isn't something i've used yet, but ya, i've heard it's great stuff.

    Do you have a grow journal going? I found i got a lot of good advice from regularly posting photos of my plants every couple days and explaining what i was doing to them.
    People were able to see things happening, noticing patterns that i didn't notice right away and i got some great advice that way.

    So far, your girl looks like she's doing great though! :thumbsup:

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