Do autoflower pistils receed?

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  1. I have an OG Kush auto that breeder stated was 70 days. Therefore I waited to flipped about 3 weeks into flower so my 3 photo periods would be done after the auto. After over 80 days flower, I've harvested 1 photo and the auto is still not looking mature. Bud sights are plenty, with nice size but there not thick/tight and hairs are 80 percent red but still sticking out all I'm wondering do auto flowers hairs receed also? Didn't feel like moving plants around to remove from tent for pics, had a really bad back accident couple days ago,(pull up bar fell)so this may be the best I can do right now

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  2. So you were growing an auto with 12/12? If so, that's why it's taking so long.
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  3. Yeah,I started with 18/6, but I had 3 photos and I want to harvest almost like clockwork so yes, I waited 3 weeks after she started flower and flipped to 12/12 for my photos.
  4. yes pistels receed but 12/12 an auto will reduce yeild and slow it down

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  5. Ok, so is that a yes on the pistols receeding? They should, right?
  6. Stop misspelling pistils lol!
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  7. Ok, I sort of had no choice, but that explains the slow maturity. Looks like all photos may beat her, it's cool
  8. Ok, my bad
  9. No.. not just you.. *looks at @loki125 * lol ;)
  10. Yeah I saw
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  11. pistols pistels pistols pistelspistols pistelspistols pistelspistols pistels bahahaha lol sorry pistils hehe

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  12. and yes they will receed most of the ya still get few white poking rmthrough

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  13. Bet, thanks

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