Do at home 5 panel drug tests check if it is even in urine?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmogSchmeck, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. My parents randomly drug test me and my older brother since he was caught with weed and I smoked for the first time last night with my girlfriend. When they test me they don't come into the bathroom and see if I pee into the cup and don't even check after the fact. If I was to just scoop some "clean" toilet water would the test register negative?

    This is the test they use, I would try my self but I do not know if they count how many we have. (Found where they keep them)

    If this doesn't work are there any other tricks that work for this kind of drug test? Thanks a lot.
  2. Can't see what type of test it is on the link. But using toilet water could be risky. Does the test have a temp strip on it? If not it can make it a lil easier. Do you know when they plan to test you? You can look up diluting urine methods. Get ahold of some synthetic urine from a smoke shop could be a way to go for you. If that is the only time you've ever smoke and haven't smoked more since it should be out of your system rather fast. Stronger buds take longer. Home tests are much easier to beat. Especially if they don't have a temperature check strip on them.

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