Do any of you smoke cigars?

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  1. I was just wondering if any of you like to have a nice cigar after your sesh? I have never smoked after I smoked any weed but i sure do love to just sit back and have a nice cigar :). also was just wondering what the effects are if you smoke cigars when your high?
  2. i smoke cigars every now and then, im saving one for when my daughter gets here
    makers mark baabbbyyy!!!
  3. i smoke cigars once in a while but because i always have a cigarette after a bowl i gagged like a mother fucker cuz i tried to inhale the cigar like a cigarette espesially when im high that shits nasty
  4. Not only do I enjoy cigars, but I smoke a tobacco pipe regularly. It's really helped me quit cigarettes ^.^

    I just really enjoy the sense of relaxation that comes when smoking a cigar/pipe while stoned. A cigar or tobacco pipe is generally a time commitment of at least thirty minutes, if not an hour. I love knowing that I can get three-balls high and just kick back and enjoy a great-tasting smoke afterward.

    In terms of the tobacco enhancing the high...depends. Most of the time smoking my pipe is just a thoughtlessly enjoyable activity, but with a rich, maduro or double maduro cigar, it can sometimes feel like I've had several shots on top of a few bong rips. Be careful around chisel-tip maduros/double maduros especially - some out there make you feel like you've drunk an entire fifth of tequila to the face!
  5. Never tried a cigar, but I occasionally smoke a pipe.
  6. don thomas cigars all day
  7. I remember when I first had tree
    smoked Black and Mild, how dumb of me
  8. I usually have cigarettes, but hey, once in awhile I'll puff a cigar.
  9. right now I just have 8 or 10 cigarillos there great, theres not to much of a time commitment and there just as good :). but I must say I do enjoy sitting for a half hour or hour out in the sun :). I just tryed to take one and hollow it out to make a blunt but there not very easily hollowed out and if I cut it and re roll it it will be such a pinner haha oh well. I cant see a blunt being all that great anyways.
  10. i used to get expensive cigars and smoke them after hittin the bong, ahhh what a life it was to live back then.

    it is relaxing and chill, if you like cigars ocourse.

  11. yeah defiantly chills you out and such. I picked up one cigarillo that had pretty much a brownish tinged green wrapper quite thin about the thickness of a 0.8-1G joint and about 6 inches long. it tastes so like different lol mustve been from mexico or some shit haha. I like a dark brown to medium brown wrapper :)
  12. I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do like a cigar once or twice a month or so. Usually when I'm drinking.
  13. I've never had an expensive cigar :( I just have these gay primetimes that taste like shit. Stopped smoking them when I started smoking green herbs
  14. I never understood cigars... I mean, I smoke cigarettes, because of the rush and nicotine and shit. But you don't even inhale cigars! My friend loves them, but all they ever do is make my lips burn...
  15. If only you knew... If only. :smoke:
  16. when i was 16 i lived at home and my mom was a voodoo priestest and it was like the day of the dead or something... anyhow i had just got back from smoking like 4 joints with my girlfriend and my mom asked me to smoke a cigar for her ritual shit....never again.

    Its probably better sober though in all fairness.
  17. i love smoking tobacco and weed together a lot.
    hookah and weed? yumm. not weed IN the hookah, just the hookah and a bowl.
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    yeah i will soon know i rolled a small 0.5 gram blunt out of a cigarillo about 2ish inches long id say. im waiting to go pick up my sister so i have someone to smoke it with :) cant wait il report back on how it was. i took a cigar and cut the cigar in half then sliced it down the middle and took all the tabaco out then put weed in rolled it put a roach in and made a bit of rice glue to stick all together :) if yo uwant to use rice glue dont actually make real rice glue you just take about 3 table spoons of rice with 6 tablespoons of water boil it well stiring on high for about 10ish minutes then strain out all the rice and boil the milky white water for another 10ish minutes or until it reduces it makes a nice glue thats not very harmful :)

    yes I would imagine it would be better sober for your first few cigars. I can imagine myself if I was high for my first cigar I would inhale that like air. LOL
  19. I love to have a nice thick cigar on a summer evening with a bunch of guys and some scotch. I will have to try one after toking now though, just to see.
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    Reporting back i just smoke about 0.3 of that blunt of bubblegum and by far its the smoothest smoke iv ever had even smoother than a bong 0_o. also it gives you a different high than a joint and a pipe or bong. i must say blunts are my favorite between pipes and joints but il still smoke my pipe more because im not a heavy smoker at all i just occasionally smoke cigars. all in all blunts are 10/10 im sorry i ever doubted them.

    its like the blunt gave me like a really heady high, im really energized and just want to move.

    this blunt also got me fucked for some reason lol. im getting crazy head rushes and shit lol more like body rushes though.

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