Do any of you know someone who unfortunately proved the gateway theory right?

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Please, don't talk about other drugs, just tell us your story if you have one. use the term "unmentionables." I don't want this thread to get closed.

    I know a few people that just loved the high to much, and it did all start with weed. It is sad to see people that once loved to maybe smoke a joint every other weekend ask me for money for you know what.

    I really hate that unmentionables can do that to a person, it is like I don't even know them anymore.

    Life is fucked up sometimes.
  2. None of my friends have ever tried any other drugs really. Besides salvia, which was kinda inspired by their weed smoking. But none of them have ever wanted to try anything else. So I call bullshit on the gateway theory.

    I believe if you're the type of person that wants to get fucked up and try a bunch of drugs, you're gonna do it regardless of if you smoke weed. Generally, weed is just what people smoke first, so it becomes a scapegoat.
  3. I started out smoking weed when i was about 14...then cigarettes about 15. And when i was i started doing....a unmentionable. i still do, every other weekend, but i dont believe in the getaway theory, i started doing...unmentionable because i wanted it, not because i didnt like weed anymore, i smoke weed every day, but unmentionable every now and then and only weekends.
  4. I proved the gateway theory right even though I haven't done this things we must not speak of for over a year.

  5. Yeah, this is not going to fly AT ALL. "Unmentionables" is just as bad. Can't you figure out by now that we don't want ANY discussion of ANY other substance other than Marijuana? Even thinly veiled. It's not going to fly here. Not any more.

    This is GRASSCITY.

    You can't really have this thread without mentioning unmentionables. And it's no longer kosher.
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