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do any of you guys do this??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alexthestoner, May 19, 2010.

  1. soo when i get a pick up its normaly like a half ounce to a ounce and i put about a gram or 2 into a small jar i have and put it in my desk, so when i run out ill know when to get more, and then if i cant i got that extra lil bit to hold me off. so my fellow grasscityers, do you got a warning stash??
  2. Yeah, I do that lol. Or when there's a tiny bit of weed left in the baggy i'll just throw it somewhere so next time i'm fiending i'll find it and love my past self :D:hello:
  3. Yea man its never bad to have some back-up... (of anything lol) :hello:

    I always keep at least an 8th for my rainy, broke & bored day..
  4. Always do that. I try to keep a little from each batch too for 4/20, a birthday or a rainy day surprise.
  5. Woah I do this too, but I make the last of my weed into a joint, hide it, then buy some more. Then on those fiending days, I find my joint.
  6. I also usually buy a half or whole o. Then I get a baggie and measure out an 8th every time I run out, so I have an idea of how much and how fast I'm smoking my stash, and then I know when I'm on the last 8th. Plus, this keeps your main stash fresh because you aren't opening and closing that baggie all the time.
  7. Yeah I do it when I cop bigger satchels as well; I usually save like an eighth.
  8. what i do is a take small amount from every single bag i get and put it in this glass jar, i call it a trail mix, wow when you have like 10 different kinds of dank in there, it can be the greatest smoking experience ever
  9. I started doing that this year. I pinch a little bit out of every pick up and throw it in my rainy day stash. I also save up a little bit out of every pick up for 420 so when it actually rolls around I've got like 3 "free" grams to smoke, in addition to my regular stash.
  10. Oh yeah I do that. That would suck ass to run out and not be able to get anymore at the moment. I tend to leave it in the freezer though cuz I forget about it and don't want my bud getting dry.
  11. thats a good idea and i dont usuallyt pick up that much cause i dont have enough but i like to forget about a stash its nice to find something you dont expect
  12. i always do this. take out a nug and hide it on myself. i also do this when i get a pack of dukes, which i never really do haha

  13. I do the exact same thing. Half an ounce can go real quick if you've got it sitting all in one mason jar. When you have to dole it out to yourself an eight at a time it forces you to think, man I just did this X days ago where's all my weed goin'?
  14. i havent needed a backup in years. i always pick up before my stash is dry.
  15. anyone try getting one of those weekly pill cases that have a small compartment for each day of the weed and fill each compartment up with weed so you have stretched out your supply?
  16. No but I wish I had one right now. :0
  17. Yup, I do something like that. I'll usually pick up a 1/4 and set aside a few grams to enjoy by myself and serve as a warning to get more. Usually the 1/4 will go fast between me and my smoke buddy, so those few grams are great to have.
  18. i dont generally do that, but one time a month or two ago when i was really really baked i bought myself a half 1/8th with the intention to put it away as an "emergency stash". well, i was high off my ass when i stashed it, and forgot about it/lost it until the other day. needless to say, opening the garment bag i store my suit in and finding a baggie of weed sitting there made my day:smoke:
  19. yeah i do that too man but problem is i usually go through my backup stash before im sure of a pickup, not a big problem the past month/few weeks cuz i found a new ridiculously consistent top-bloke dealer :D (but the grower always shorts me a gram or two, which i let slide cuz it's good bud and im gonna start growing my own soon so fuck it ill never buy again!)

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