do any of you get nervous talking about weed online?

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  1. Idk I've been doin it awhile myself without thinking about it. I mean all these growers just post there pics up willy nilly flat out saying I'm growing 50 plants and need help with x,y,and z. Its kind of a dea dream don't you think?
  2. Nope
    Havent smoked in a very long time....
    i would piss and hair test clean...
    If i got backlash from a particular site of interest, I would sue the shit out of my internet provider as well as anyone else who had a hand in it...

  3. a lot of the growers put something like "Everything I say is role-playing, i neither grow nor advocate growing marijuana" in the hope that anything they post can't be used against them. Whether or not that works probably depends on which country or state you live in.
  4. Ugh... there is a code of privacy and agreement so i don't think they could unless they wanted to do it illegally which may effect the arrest.
  5. I smoke illegal Marijuana
  6. i think i have read on here before that since this site is based out of holland (i think thats where it is based out of) that the united states cannot prosecute for anything you post here, simply because they cannot get the logs to determine your identity

    but if you post your address and that kind of stuff then its fair game i suppose
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    I'm sure they have better things to do than bust me for a gram or two :laughing:
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    Yeah but plantsare felonies and some of these people have. Whole operation for producing massive amounts of pot. Its kinda ground zero. But I see if its based in holland then its all gravey.
  9. That doesn't mean shit in court if they have your ip address and can look at the posts you have written. The DEA has better things to do than bust growers on here, these guys aren't shit compared to what i've seen in norcal, or even some local grows. I'm talking monster plants, 10+ feet tall, over 6lb harvests. Now those guys actually have to worry, but a lot of people here are legal too so no worries. Plus, this is an entertainment site, and the internet, there's no real way to prove if the pics they post are their own.
  10. Yo, I live in South Florida, and bought a quarter of dankness last week.

    Get at me DEA
  11. The DEA may not be able to prosecute off of what they find on here, but is it really far fetched that they'd look on here, and then sit outside someones grow monitoring it, checking for electricity spikes, ect? Thats stuff they could use.

  12. how would they get the person's address? the site is not based in the united states, therefore the grasscity admins do not have to turn over the IP addresses or any other information about anybody who posts here
  13. I have a grow op of about 50 plants in my basement, come get me.
  14. nope never worried, its just a herb and i only use it for myself nothing ti worry over
  15. I smoke illegal marijuana daily and usually carry paraphernalia and possess marijuana while driving and walking around town. Come at me, bro.
  16. i do it legally. only way to do it.
  17. The servers for this site are located in the Netherlands, so GC doesn't have to co-operate with the DEA. They could be pressing GC all day everyday about giving up our IP's and the admins could just ignore them.

    It's all up to you not to give up any of your info if you are posting grow pics. I wouldn't even put my location if I were doing that and I notice a lot of the growers don't so we pretty safe.....I've yet to read a thread here of a grower stating they got tracked down.

    so for the record......I purchase illegal drugs everyday....and have them in my possesion as we speak.....and i have 500 plants in my property......that I sell !!!. WOOOOHOOO
  18. If you've ever linked anything on this site (I've linked soundcloud), then they can go on that site and get your IP probably. I don't get paranoid because I don't grow, I just have personal stash in a decrim. state, so no real worries but I'd be sketched about posting that stuff on here if I did grow.
  19. I've posted/sent hundreds of pictures of my penis around the internet....

    Weed is the least of my worries.
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    Thanks California.

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