Do any of you feel guilty for smoking?

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  1. when I first started smoking I always felt guilty the day after or as if I was doing something wrong, but now after smoking for a decent amount of time, I toke up and its nothing abnormal. I was Jw if any of you other stoners felt like this or still do! Leave your thoughts below

    "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be... And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:29-31).
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    You have been brain washed by society to feel like smoking cannabis is bad.
    Research why cannabis is illegal and you will see we have been lied to...

    No reason to feel guilty it's not like alcohol or other ALL other drugs where it's destroy your body and your life.
    The only negative to cannabis is the fact that it's illegal.
    Which is a problem they have created to give a negative annotation towards cannabis in all aspects.

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    Yeah I don't feel guilty for toking or slamming it to your sister last night, twice.
  4. Damn, my sister said busting 2 times in 5 minutes doesn't count as twice.. Lol just playing
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    Last two comments were painfully awkward so I "liked" them both.
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    Not really. I mean, when I was 15 I kinda felt bad because I felt like I was going behind my parents back to do illegal things (which is 100% accurate), however, by the time I was 16 the guilt was gone and I only felt guilty one more time when I got caught by the police at 18. And the only reason I felt guilty was well... that is what the judge told me I was when he put me on probation. So technically, I felt guilty in a very literal sense since I didn't actually feel bad about the smoking, just getting caught.
    I'm 22 now and virtually guilt free :bongin:
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  8. She said that was the discounted price so no refunds allowed and the best she can do is give you a coupon!
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  10. I did when I first started and idk why I thought some how I was letting people down by doing it, but know I say fuck it why should I care what you think

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  11. Doesn't OP feel guilty when he drinks the blood of Christ?

    1) That symbolizes cannibalism

    2) Alcohol kills 40,000 Americans a year
  12. .

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  13. I agree with most points made in this post but not all other drugs harm you.. Most unmentionables do but there are some that do not..
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    I meant ALL including prescription drugs and stuff
    You know what I meant.
    Do not patronize me.
    Lol jkjk

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  15. I feel guilty for smoking sometimes. Not because it's bad or because its illegal, just cause my family hates it.

    I made the mistake of telling them after a trip to the US, that i tried it and liked it. After that i haven't heard the end of it.

    I moved to England 2 months ago, cause i was bored and unemployed in Sweden. Now of course my whole family thinks i moved so i can smoke weed and be a "fucking stoner"

    I have tried talking to them, informing them it is not bad for you. I do it to relax. To them it's just as bad as cocaine. So yeah, I do feel guilty but thats only because i have to do it behind their backs. Normally i tell my family everything.

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  16. No offense, but it's that damn religion you are practicing that is making you feel guilty.
    In my entire 40+ years of smoking weed, In the face of my parents, police, probation officers and the federal government, I have NEVER felt guilty. Always been a PROUD STONER. I wave my pot leaf flag high in the air for all to see. I want to get the MMJ insignia tatooed on my arm.
    Romans 8:38-39. God loves you even if you smoke weed.
  17. Lol^

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  18. Do people feel guilty for drinking wine?
    Don't be a brainwashed tool, OP.
  19. I feel bad about lying to my parents and that's it really.
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    none of us make out well...

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