Do any of you blades still use..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ashley C, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Aim? It seems alot of people now just use facebook for instant messaging.Although if ypu download the aim app for your androud phone you can link your Fb account to your aim account : ) im bored just thought I would share that advice with yall. My aim sn is breakdown AP. If you wanted to chat :smoke:. Keep smokin
  2. No I don't still use AIM.

    I'm not 12 anymore.
  3. i havent used that since probably 7th grade...i dont even remember my user name haha.
  4. Just on that sheeeet last night. :cool:
  5. Facebook saves every msg/chat fuckkk that
  6. I like keep in touch with people who tried to lure me into their van by attempting to arrange a play date when I was younger over AIM.


    And Smarterchild has always been there for me.

  7. Ha oh god smarterchild was a jerk though
  8. Haha. Man..

    Smarterchild was something else..
  9. I think they shut smarterchild down
  10. no!!!
  11. haha damn smarterchild.

    hahah... did n e one ever outsmart that kid?
  12. what is smart/erchild?
  13. I just tried IM'ing smarterchild and I got this

    SmarterChild 2:49 am
    My brain is retired but watch some cool videos! Send am IM to GossipinGabby and Type VIDEO!
  14. Never did use AIM, used MSN Messenger though, stopped in 8th grade though.

    Recently got Skype though to keep in touch with my friends across the country, pretty good if anybody is ever fucking online.:mad:

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