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Do any of my fellow seasoned tokers ever get paranoid anymore?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shinjin, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I stopped getting paranoid after my first couple months or so of smoking. It has been a couple years now, and I don't even fret. Where I live it is almost completely legit to just walk around the block and smoke a bowl. I have never been caught up in places that people label as 'sketchy' but i have been caught in places were people say the cops will never find us. I just stopped worrying about it and I can't see why other experienced people still fret about nothing. Whats your guys opinion on it?
  2. Nope, after about 4 years of smoking im always still sketched out by smoking in public. I always keep my weed burried in my trunk, and i wash my hands and arms real nice after smoking lol.
  3. I never really had any paranoia problems even when I was a nooblet. Different people are affected differently.
  4. nope. i used to get a buzzkill from cops i saw out but i stopped giving a fuck a while back
  5. yeah, i dont get paranoid anymore..
  6. i used to get so paraonoid when i got high, like im gunna say something stupid in front of a cute girl, or when i go to wal mart all the stupid comments from people and im like " They know im high omg" now i go into walmart and im like "thats right im high bitch, im fuckin high" i dont even get paranoid infront of girls, this kinda came with gettin older but i dont care what ppl think about me so if i look like the biggest stone bag u ever seen. well ill take that as a complement i thank you
  7. i dont usually get paraniod anymore, i walk around in my complex with bowls/joints/blunts smoking walk in and out of the apt with a bong in my hand lol. But everyone once in a while where i am in an unfamiliar place i will get a bit edgy,
  8. Not really once you don't have to worry about parents there's not much to sketch about.
  9. My paranoia went away after a few months as well. But sometimes something will happen that will freak me out. Normally I'm a chill person and I almost never freak out. But, while I'm high, if say it seemed like somebody was following us on the road, I might get worried. Sober, I'd be a lot more calm, regardless of how dirty we're ridin'. :smoke:
  10. Every once in awhile, especially after a tolerance break, i feel a general paranoia when I'm high. It's irrational and I recognize it like that, but it still persists.

    It doesn't seem to relate to weather I think I will be "caught" or not.
  11. exactly what sam_spade said. after like a break from bud then getting back into it ill get alittle paranoia. usually though im more paranoid when im smoking the weed rather then when im already high. i think its because im worried that someone will walk by my garage and smell the herb.
  12. I live in CA, so I'm with you man. It's basically legal here. I stopped worrying about who knows I smoke and who sees me smoking in public probably in my third or fourth month smoking. :smoke:
  13. not really only if im driving blazin and theres a cop behind me
  14. once i got my own spot paranoia left. although after my 6 month t break i was a little paranoid lol
  15. nope not really, im pretty calm and collective plus i dont normally go to the sketchy places and act all sketchy.
  16. With a $25 civil infraction fine for the possession of cannabis where I live, there's no need to be paranoid. :hello: Unless the possession laws where you live are strict or you work as a salesman, you shouldn't have to worry too much.
  17. yeah thats what im sayin alot of people are turned off by weed cuz it makes them paranoid, but it goes away with time. i can def say after atleast a 2 month break, i get parianoid but i also get super hiiiighhh!!!
  18. There's a crucial difference between being paranoid and being sensible. Paranoid is being afraid of getting caught to the point where you cannot relax. Being sensible is reasonably doing everything you can to avoid being caught (like not walking around with a bowl in your hand).

    I've only gotten paranoid once or twice. Once was the first time I smoked and I thought I couldn't see because my eyes got so bad I could barely keep them open.
  19. I never really have gotten paranoid from weed but I've been smoking for 40+ years - nearly every day for about 5 months now. I am in need of a major tolerance break. :(
  20. Same here where I live. A2?

    I will say though that I'm a little more on edge when toking on my way home from work or outside of my "comfy bubble".

    The only real times I'm paranoid, whether sensible or not, is when I'm with a friend who's making a pickup and his choice in dealers are less than impressive... :rolleyes:

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