Do animals wish they were human?

Discussion in 'General' started by thwaaaaaamp, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Sometimes we say we wish we were a certain animal...

    Are any other animals smart enough to think about that shit?
  2. I think animals are smart enough to not think like that. I can't imagine animals understanding much about wishing to be something else, animals seem to work on a much more tangible level. "I am a cat. I purr. I will do the best I can to make being a cat the most enjoyable experience it can be." Is how I would imagine it going on in a cats head. Animals are smart, they don't wish for something impossible, they make the best with what they've got.
  3. I always wondered if some animals hate humans.

    You hear about in prestine environments animals have no fear of man, and then they learn to "fear" or avoid man.
    Makes me wonder if some learn to hate humans too.
  4. Most non-human animals don't have enough of a self concept. But there are other animals, like apes, that we know to use very future oriented thinking, so it's possible that they've thought that deeply, but as far as a cat or a rabbit or whatever, probably not.

    You'd just have to look into any cognitive studies on the particular animal, hahah
  5. I'd assume the higher functioning animals might have enough self awareness to have "genuine" emotions and wants.
    Apes, dolphis, whales, elephants, etc.
  6. oh how i wish i could be an animal...not that we as humans aren't animals already, but you probably know what i mean...a creature that does not have major responsibilities. doesnt need to waste its life. doesnt even have the ability to disappoint others...must be nice.
  7. no. Animals don't think like that. They think about things that keep them alive, like food.
  8. Animals live the life
  9. I'd switch places with a lion for a day. I'm a leo so it wouldn't be a big leap.

  10. You were probably one of those really early developmental cynical kids that told all his 4 year old friends that santa isn't real! :mad:
  11. aww did I disappoint you with reality? that sucks don't it. Nature ain't no bambi or lion king movie ok kid? Get over it, animals don't posses "intelligence or thought" in the way humans perceive those concepts.
  12. Some people want to be animals

    [ame=]The World's ... And Me | Cat Man | Channel 4 - YouTube[/ame]

    ...very badly

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