Do Americans think of the UK as a junior, less powerful ally in the current war?

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    In Afghanistan the United Kingdom is the second biggest supplier of troops and aid, but we left Iraq years ago. In a recent speech by the newly elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said the UK were a junior ally.

    Obviously America is incredibly stronger that the UK when it come's to wars, but I was wondering, do Americans (the majority of you, on this forum) think the UK is a weaker, much less powerful, maybe even pointless 'ally' or do you think we are a major supplier of troops compared to the rest of NATO who are needed and help majorly?
  2. Blair always gave the impression that he was willing to bend over for Bush.
    The UK was definitely the bitch in the relationship..:)

    Things have changed now and Cameron does not seem as willing to grab his ankles...
  3. i dont really consider the UK pointless or weaker necessarily, but you guys are definitely US Jr.

  4. yeah I get what you mean, blair was bush's poodle dog basically
  5. Well, Tony Blair was a lap dog to Dubya....just sayin.:D

    As far as weakness as an, we both bring different styles and resources to the table that can only strengthen us both.
  6. It's not like our armies are winning high-profile, discrete battles for land or anything, so it's tough to qualify anyone's efficiency or value

    Even though I disagree with the way things are being done in the Middle East, I appreciate any assistance that other countries are giving

    I've heard a lot of opinions about the war(s) but I've never heard anyone try to slander other countries' troops (except France for not getting involved, but now who's laughing?)
  7. my sister lived in Denmark for a while and a fact she told me was that they had a higher amount of people per capita in the war in the middle east than there are soldiers for America. i thought this was especially funny because most people that i meet think that Denmark is a city in Copenhagen, that or it is a province of Great Britain (wtf?)

    dunno, gotten some odd thoughts as to where they are..
  8. Im British, and i can easily say yes. We are Americas Bitch. :eek:

  9. We have "Counties" (not countries, although we are made up of different ones) not provinces in the UK
  10. I planned on answering and then felt left out when I got to the "I am not American" option.


  11. i dunno about that, i think obama just isn't interested in being 'friends' with the uk like blair and bush were, obama got alot of hate in the uk for seemingly dismissing the uk .

    anyway, cameron is fucking scum, and so are his party. you dont want your leader to be buttbuds with him.
  12. no disrespect but, the UK is USA jr.

    our country is like 5 times bigger, same with our military and even our imaginary pile of money.
  13. junior, yes...less powerful, yes....but strong as fuck tho...
  14. "Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.";)

  15. no disrespect to the US, but the US will be getting raped by China very very soon. you owe them a lot of money and they are angry, its dinner time and america is a dog.
    they have about 5 times the population of the usa, about 1million more soldiers, but does it matter in the end? i dont know, im rambling, what am i talking about you may ask, i do not know the answer im afraid, good bye.
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    It's not how big it is it's how you use it, right? This is us all over, though: balls of brass. Tiny little balls of absolute fuck-off brass.

  17. well yeah, when you think about it, the uk has only very recently gave up its colonies (that were a massive source of power)....india was like mid 40s....cyprus in 60 i think....but even after shedding its colonial identity it remains massively powerful because of the comoonwealth thing they got going on and reserves accumulated during centuries of colonialism....
  18. "...and all this fucking is in the name of the good lord, jesus christ."

    and the benjamins...we cant forget the benjamins....

  19. gave hong kong back in 1997 i think, but yeah, Britain owned the world at one point basically, but it all changes, america is on top now, but China are really taking over, america is in a bad bad position and its got a lot of hate around the world, at one point america, australia, india, tons of african countries, everywhere, was britains bitch, now its america, soon we will all be eating dog.
  20. yeah hong kong, no doubt...antiamerican sentiment is definitely on the rise....hell, im turkishamerican and live in turkey and turkey recently had the highest rate of antiamerican feeling....not that different around the globe either...which in most uncool...

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