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Do all government jobs drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cataclismic, May 20, 2010.

  1. And if you fail a drug test at a government job can you be arrested or any kind of disciplinary action taken?
  2. It depends on the job. I know alot of DoD jobs don't test.
  3. I worked for the State of Oregon Judicial Department for five years and never had to take a test. I just worked in an office in the courthouse, so I think it just depends on the job.
  4. I know for some jobs they ask you if you smoked weed in the past year and stuff like that or if you live in a household where drugs have or are present and depending on your answers you could be barged from getting certain jobs ever in your lifetime
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    edit: my bad, thought you where talking about gettin hired for a govt job
    if you are already working there and you fail then you might get fired suspended etc...
    but i highly doubt they have the right to take legal action
  6. Does anybody know if NYS civil service jobs test pre-employment? i'm not talking about any type of law enforcement position, firefighter, etc. just the fairly regular positions. feedback would be much appreciated. thanks.
  7. I know many people who work for the government. All had to take a pre employment test. I think that's universal these days. However, most of them don't get randomly tested, most can only be tested for cause, IOW you show up acting stoned or drunk or smell like it. There are different sets of rules for public safety types (fire and police) and anyone who has to drive as their job. As far as I know you can be fired if you test positive but I've never heard of them trying to press any criminal charges unless there was damage involved, like a car accident under the influence. If you refuse the test you can be disciplined for insubordination which does not always result in losing your job. It's damn hard to fire a government employee.

    That's Utah state, county, and city jobs. Your mileage may vary.
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  8. look at george bush jr. do u think he passed his
  9. For people searching answers;

    I've worked an office job for the IL Gov for two weeks now and they did not drug test me. Other employees there for 2 years have not been tested either. Hope this helps!

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