Do all dwc auto get this big?

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  1. 20170711_104715.jpg there like 50 days old in this pic n just starting to bud. I have em in a closet under 500watt hps. There auto cheese. Based on info givin about what could i expect to yeild off these 2. About a avg? 3oz each plant? How much longer u think it will be till harvest. The seeds said 60 days it would take.. My dirt plant is a week younger n farther along in flower. 1499908110414501970495.jpg thats a lower bud site on one of the dwc plant
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  2. What's strains are they ? And also 500 hps ?? No such light my friend there's 400 or 600
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  3. Shoulda trained them man there outa control big time lol I suppercrop all mine light only gets in so far n size those are only top couple feet will flower properly
  4. haven't seen a jungle like that in a while . In fact if you zoom in a think I see Tarzan swinging around in there.

    you need to eliminate all the branches that aren't going to hit light .some YouTube videos on technique called lollipopping . yield goes by watts and not size of tree ..I have no clue what a 500 watt hps is so I'll guess that you have a 400 ...and say if you cut the jungle can get half a pound or more off those 2 ...BUT actions need to be taken now ...they have been out of control for weeks.

    good luck


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  5. If trained correctly should get close to half a pound off one ;) I trained the shit outa my Bluetooth which I now suspect has thrown back to its sweet tooth gene line n I'm looking at 7-8 oz off her now :) :) will be cutting probly tonight at just on 100 days since germination in dwc
  6. Yea i was thinking about trimming them just not really sure how.. Do i strip all the leaves from the bottom.. N its a 1000 watt hps running at 50% dimmer function. I got cfls around the bottom trying to help flower. The bottom buds are still developing ok i think... 1st grow. I learned alot so im happy. It can only get better. Hopefully ill be moving to a bigger place soon. With more grow room

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