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Do all D.T. clinics make you piss with door open?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thosevacanteyes, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I have to take a drug screening tomorrow for a job. My friend told me that the clinic that this company sends you to makes you piss with the door open with someone watching...I always thought that probationers and parolees are the only ones who had to piss in front of someone?

    This foils my condom plan if this is the case.

    Do all clinics make you pee in front of someone?

  2. not all, some are strict some can give a fuck less...
  3. Depends on the place. IMO, having to piss in front of someone for a job is ridiculous.
  4. I have a hard enough time using the bathroom when another person is in there.

    If it's noisy (bar/club/sports) I don't have a problem, but if it's all quiet as fuck (like a DT would be) I just really really doubt I'd be able to piss. Sucks for me, has nothing to do with the MJ, it's just me.
  5. Me too! I don't know what I'd do if I had to get drug tested with someone watching.
  6. Maybe some bomb ass chick will watch you piss, then you wouldnt mind. haaaaaa
  7. well for me at least, if i had a cute girl staring at my cock i just wouldnt mind. maybe a guy does it for you dirtmcgurt. idk. haaaaaa im messin all in good fun, no seriousness in that.
  8. no they don't. In my experience most don't they just tape up all the plumbing etc.
  9. i think a "cute girl" watching me release excriments for any reason would pretty much kill all sexual thought
  10. ya dude, and it's not like they are staring at your dick and rubbing your nuts... they stand behind you to make sure your not moving your hands while you piss.....
  11. YES! But they didn't watch me. The tech made me leave the door cracked . She stood next to the door pretending to do paper work. But she was listening to everything I was doing. My cell phone went off while I was in there. the ring tone: "Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix"

  12. I was on the phone while reading your post and it made me break out in laughter...too funny!

    Did you pass the test?

  13. I failed the DT! Gosh that was so long ago. I tried to do the suregel method which had worked for me in the past but I had eaten some greasy food that morning so it totally bombed.
  14. 1. Rid body of drugs.
    2. Doesn't matter if clinic makes you piss with door open.
    3. Become employed.
    4. Profit $$$

  15. LOL when you're rolling around unemployed it's kinda hard NOT to smoke the herb...

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