Do all auto dwc get this big?

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  1. 20170711_104715.jpg there 50 day old Autoflower cheese they just started to flower how much do you think I will yield off one of these 3 oz?? There under 500watt hps. Here a bud site like i said they just started flower. My dirt plant is a week younger and farther along then my dwc. 20170712_210855.jpg
  2. Should have scrog bro
  3. I agree with shifte. If you did scrog all those tops would be producing like crazy. Training early with nets to keep everything one level so all tops get light is a must if you are working with plants with height. If she fattens up you shoukd definitely get a few ounces off of each cured.
  4. They look stretched out. Your light might have in to high. Or to small for two that tall.
    This one of mine is 60 or so days of veg with removed scrog. It's 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. granted it is outside in a hydro system. IMG_4204.JPG
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  5. It was a real small closet if i scrog i could only do 1 plant in there. I was thinking of doing a sea of green next grow. But theres no way i could with these plants in there. Id have to switch to soil n smaller pots.. I have a few seeds to choose for my next grow.. 1Girl scout cookies.1 Gurilla glue. 3Think diff and 2mazar all autos. And 1 cheese. I can only do 2 plants at a time. Which of these would be best for smaller spaces. I dunno which i should try next prob think diff and maybe the girl scout.. I dunno. I plan on moving soon so my next place im gonna have a room set up not a closet. So i can do at least 5 do you think i can start my next grow now? Put the seeds in the rock wool cubes n put them under cfl for 2 weeks. That way when i harvest i can have a plant ready to go in the closest
  6. I would only do one with a scrog in your current setup 500 watt. How high was your light throughout your grow? IMG_4208.JPG
  7. Usually autos start flowering when they are just small
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  8. Get yourself a nice Grow Den brand tent. Im rocking a 5x5 and love it. Im running some Zombie Kush photo next round so I cant wait. I would run that Gorilla Glue auto next if I was you. She should stay around 30" if you run her in a 3 gal pot which will give you a great yeild chopping her at 10 weeks. Always add 1-2weeks onto what the seed bank says it you will be golden. Happy Growing and good luck with the move.
  9. Usualy about 2 feet above the plant put with my bucket n the plant its taller then i am now i have my light as high as it can go and its maybe a foot n half between plant n light .. I wish i would of went with a led light instead of hps my temps been 90+ all grow.. Someone sugested 1 gallon pots n but as many in there as i can. I just want the max yeild for that space
  10. Ill see what my yeild is off these. I also have a dirt plant in my closet if it wasent for that one i could fit both my dwc it would still be crowded but id be able to shut the door. Id deff would have to switch to led tho or try to cool nmy closet down. Even with cool tube hps n fans it gets hot
  11. I would NEVER put an auto under a cfl for any period of time. Final light from the start. Every auto I've grown was pretty big by 14 days.

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