Do alcohol and cannabis mix? Colorado is about to find out

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  1. What's the point of this article? People have been drinking or smoking pot, or drinking and smoking pot together for a long time now.
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    Well,,they discovered how to make beer before written history and they discovered marijuana when some caveman threw a funny looking bush in the fire and the clan ate a mastodon in one night instead of a week,,,the problem is that it apparently didn't cause enough problems for it to be mentioned in any history books I ever read,,,of course there are a couple of them I could have missed.:smoking:

    PS:Drinking and smoking and driving is much more of a challenge for me than either by themselves,,understand I don't drink that much,,but even a couple of beers and a good bud can make me cautious about leaving a bar until the weed settles in,,appx 20>30 minutes after I quit smoking. Since I only go to bars I can smoke outside of about 2 beers is my limit,,but I am mostly on a motorcycle,weather permitting.
  3. Know what's funny though is hops which is an ingredient in beer is very closely related to cannabis. So I feel like beer and weed were meant to coexists haha.
  4. Lol funniest shit I've ever read on these forums. The kid was like "well since alcohol is a stimulant, and weed is a depressant, wouldn't mixing the 2 be speed balling?"

    Made me laugh for like 5 minutes
  5. In Colorado,

    During last year’s holiday season, there were more than 1,200 DUI arrests with 376 of those occurring during the New Year’s Eve enforcement period.

    DENVER, Dec. 31, 2012: Plan Ahead To Save Lives This New Year's -- Designate A Sober Driver! | PRNewswire | Rock Hill Herald Online

    This year,

    Eighty-one people in Colorado started the new year with an arrest for driving under the influence, according to the state patrol.

    Eighty-one in Colorado get DUI tickets during New Year's holiday weekend - Loveland Reporter-Herald

    Wowzers! That’s a 78% reduction. Preliminary, of course.

    Thank you Deep Dish
  6. ROFL

    I swear, some people aren't willing to use their brain for even 2 seconds. It's amazing that the human brain can be so stupid.

  7. Probably from all the people on probation who can now smoke instead of getting hammered.
  8. Wow, I mean wow. This needs to be pushed big time, though it's not as if taking down drug cartels and helping to fund the global economy wasn't enough reason to legalize already
  9. What? Isn't alcohol a depressant anyway? Both are depressants last I checked... Getting drunk usually makes you tired.
  10. Yes it does but KNOW ur limit on the alcohol!

  11. I was thinking that too. Red bull and weed would be like speed balling tho. ;)

  12. I thought people on probation still couldn't smoke and will get drug tested. One of the conditions that violates probation is breaking any state and federal laws. Same reason people on probation couldn't smoke MMJ even if they were a patient and it was in accordance with state law, they would be breaking a federal one so they can't.
  13. Alcohol is a depressant, but he said it was a stimulant. And I'm not sure what category weed is in. It does increase heart rate. But I wouldn't call it a stimulant but I wouldn't call it a depressant either
  14. ^^^I get pretty depressed about it when I run out.
  15. Made me lol
  16. Small amounts of alcohol act as a stimulant but if you drink enough to get drunk it's going to act as a depressant on your cns.

    Cannabis can fall into a few classes. Some strains with different ratios (and types) of cannabinoides can act as a stimulant while others will have a more narcotic effect. Both will have the usual psychedelic properties as well.
  17. alcohol is classified as a depressant and marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen. I have no idea why they would classify marijuana as a hallucinogen, but maybe because it didn't fit any other categories? Not sure.

    If you are decently drunk, and decide to smoke some weed chances are the weed will cause the spins and you will most likely end up throwing up.

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