DNC Staffer arrested trying to leave country

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jman42028, Jul 26, 2017.

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  2. i think he's just gonna be tried on the charges filed against him...
    sounds like a low-level staffer who was caught running a scam.

    i wouldn't put a lot of time keeping up with this.

    as an aside, the Clintons are virtually untouchable. nothing's gonna happen to them.
    i think hillary got the better end by losing the election. she can just make a few million dollar speeches to goldman sachs and call it a day. much less stressful than the presidency
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  3. well when they searched his house they found lots of smashed hard drives...which wasserman schultz did not want to turn over at all. We shall see. this guy was still on her payroll until today supposedly.
  4. She did not want to turn over smashed hard drives found in someone else's house?
    I dunno how that's even her call to make... I didn't see that in the article.
    I'm not understanding.
  5. it apparently wasn't in that article, it was in another which I am trying to find now (thats what i get for following so many different places lol) But it was said several times they found, in his apartment, a lot of smashed and broken hard drives. This is a guy who was an IT person for several democrats on the hill over the last few years, including most recently wasserman schultz even though he wasn't allowed to access the capitol hill server.
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  6. Honestly if something comes of this interesting but seems like a typical case of government mismanagement of funds and swindling. Fuck this guy and fuck DWS
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  7. No Fuck The Crooked Clinton Regime........................
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  8. Hookers and unmentionables. That's what I'd be looking at first. It's nearly always the most obvious.

    If not this is going to be good but I wouldn't go planning the party yet.
  9. We need to appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this.
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  10. hey dude it took a while but we found something we can agree on! Fuck this guy, his family who apparently was in on it, and definitely fuck DWS!
    debbie wasserman schultz has been..lets say not very nice to investigators that are looking into the whole DNC hacking thing. Threatened them if they searched her computer and many other ominous things surrounding the DNC and the investigation of what ACTUALLY happened in this past election. IMO I think they are gonna uncover some more info about the elite pedo ring that the clintons seem to be linked too. Unless DWS ends up committing suicide as well....
  11. so the laptop wasn't hers, it was seth rich, the recently murdered DNC staffer whom Wikileaks says was their source for the DNC links.
    She was arguing that the laptop is property of the DNC and that the police didn't have the right to search it. There are videos of her on this board that I posted a while back of her threatening to rain down hell on the capitol police officers who seized the laptop.
  12. Wikileaks said Seth Rich was the source?
  13. kimdotcom said that he was the one who allowed for the transfer and the introduction of seth rich to wikileaks. Assange has maintained from the very beginning that it was a private citizen who leaked and not a government.
    Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

    and this laptop that wasserman schultz is so concerned about was seth rich's, who was a staffer for the DNC who just got gunned down in DC mysteriously a few months back.
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  14. One that could be fired at the whim of the potentially guilty party!
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  15. Assange never said that. At one point he made a weird reference to Seth Rich that some people take as him indicating Rich was the source. But it seems odd that he would try to reveal this info when he has said many times he has a policy of not revealing sources. Also adessinff the interview he explicitly said that is not to mean Seth Rich is the source. Doesn't matter though because the 4chan detectives have decided this is definitely the case and they are on to the secret conspiracy the MSM is too incompetent to cover.
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  16. Source for this claim that it was Rich's computer?
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  17. So it wasn't wikileaks that claimed rich was the source, it was kim dotcom?
    And seth rich's laptop was in this guy's house, and DWC knows it is his, and is lying saying it's the DNCs?
    I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly.
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  18. i don't have enough reliable info to have an opinion either way..

    there's a lot of smoke around the DNC leaks

    i do think the DNC leaks were done by an insider, and that's why the DNC refused to let the FBI investigate the crime, but there's a lot of work to do to connect that to the murder of seth rich IMO

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