Dnail or enail or your diy version

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  1. Basically i wanted to start a forum for people with any versions of the enail where we could talk about our info on them and what temp and technique everyone likes to use.. mine being 745 and a carb capSent from my LG-LS970 using Tapatalk

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  2. turn dat beeatch down to like 710 or even lower dawg!
  3. I was jus gonna ask about this.......JImmy whats your take on these Electric nails......think they worth it?
  4. They're deff worth it dude havent touched my torch since i had it and temps perfect but if u do one dab or 2 a day i wouldn't get it Sent from my LG-LS970 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  5. Does the D-nail just attach to your infinity nail? And what are the prices on these? I want to get one but haven't done to much digging yet since I know I don't have the money to waste Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. With the D-Nail you need to tell him you dont need the nail and you'll need a different coil. the tall skinny coil they have for their nail isnt the greatest with the infiniti. They have shorter, wider coils.
    Of course their worth it! Perfect low temp dabs with consistent heat? GLOBS ALL DAY!
    unless you dont dab that much then no, its not worth the money.
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    Just knowing that d-nails are out there makes me mad every time I grab my torch. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  8. any info on the straight e nails ...  like the ones that don't have a box and are connected straight to a 110v socket????
  9. you obvisously dont really understand how they work. you cant just plug a coil heater into the wall and expect it to work. you have to regulate that flow of energy... theres a lot more going on then electricity through a coil heater. you need a PID etc.
  10. Dude at the dnail company told me you can buy the heating coil and hook it to a light dimmer switch and ghetto rig up something out of that idk how good it'd work but don't be cheap dude ...If your gonna be you should just stay away from concentrates shit can get expensive as we all should know if we aint smoking garbage or china glass but u honestly get what you pay for most of the time

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  11. I have been hitting a dnail lately at a friends and nothing comes close to the efficiency of a dnail.

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  12. you can say that again lol I love mine dude

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  13. My torch makes me mad just looking at it. When I have $700 Next I know where it is going.

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  14. Oil-Coil V2 for me please :D
  15. please correct me if i am wrong, but is the main difference between the Enail and Dnail:
    the Enail requires a dome, and has the coil inside the dome setup.
    the Dnail attaches the coil externally to a domeless setup.
    or is there electronic differences in how the units function?
    ie, different types of power regulation or different power levels?
  16. huh? the HE E-Nail(if thats what you're talking about) has a regular domeless, I'm not sure what you're talking about.
  17. Must have be an enail and not the HE enail. I gotta find pictures because it looked like a terrible design.

    Anybody read the news about the HE ceramic enail that was supposed to be released soon...kinda shitty

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    Looked similar to this one, but it was on a beaker. And it had what looked a lot like a claim catch, with the power wire coming out the bottom. Any ideas?


    Edit: I'll clarify that the link I posted here looks 1000x more professional than the model I am referring to haha

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  19. yeah I caught that whole thing go down. Fuckin dabjoy removed their facebook page hahahahaha
    I dont like those smart dabb units, they look very bulky/heavy and you could really only use them on big tubes that could hold it without being unstable. Traditional e-nails are a much better design IMO
  20. Im anxious to try my friends E-nail. I duno exactly what kind he got but I know he threw like 500 on it :eek: but he said its worth it cuz it comes w a warranty n all that. We'll see.....but damn that thing cost more than my stereo matrix

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