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  1. A couple of days ago I was out walking with a friend. During the walk he mentioned a concept that dna is somehow connected to stars. My inner self kinda lit up at the idea...of course, it makes sense, I don't know how, but that's it.

    I usually go to bed stoned, and perform a specific meditation. A Maharic seal intended to surround me in 12th dimensional energy. I usually end up tripping between the combination of the weed and the 12d energy. The trips are usually quite vivid, information comes at an incredible rate. I explore chakra activations, dimensional travelling and many other subjects.

    I decided I would explore dna and stars while in this meditative state and woah...as soon as I did the information download became exponential. It's like I unlocked something, and off I went tripping balls.

    Our dna is connected to stars. DNA is not static, it vibrates constantly and is very responsive. Love someone and their dna responds vibrating faster, hate them and well...you get the picture. Enter universal law. The simplest of laws which we all know without having to be told. Don't cause harm or loss to anyone. So simple. Otherwise dna slows, stars die.

    People have forgotten this simple law. Instead we get corporations to create acts, and their revenue officers (the police) to enforce it...and we all follow along. People who firmly believe they are free yet are the ones who are the most controlled. Ahhh...where is this world going?
  2. I felt a star's consciousness abut mine one time and I knew that she was to represent an idea of mine. Do you think this had to do with the DNA "connection?"
  3. I have often thought about the fact that our energy will merge with that energy one day....good shit....;)...thats where we came from..and so we will go back to.
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    On one of my trips, I had felt what it was like to be everything. I was the stars, the planets, everything. I believe it had a lot to do with the fact out bodies are composed of atoms made from stars. Its a phenomenal thing to understand.

    Edit: It is proven that in the beginning, only hydrogen and helium existed, but through the process of stars being born and dying, more elements were created. Ergo, we are made of what we are made of because of stars.
  5. i recently had a simular OB experience, i experienced the sun being the power source for our solar system and life and how it was such on so many more frequencies than we could possibly physically experience..

    lifeless planets... not so much lifelessness
  6. I wish more people were concerned with stars and DNA, instead we have a bunch of arrogant assholes obsessed with materials.
  7. DNA..er Deoxyribonucleic acid (/diˌɒksiˌraɪbɵ.njuːˌkleɪ.ɨk ˈæsɪd/) if ya can say that, is a far from the stars as you are, and although we share many of our dna with other animals, 'we' are closer to being frogs than chimpanzees, by just 2 chromosomes


  8. It is a phenomenal thing to understand :D

    Yes I have had that same OB experience after making the connection that we draw our energy from the centre of the earth, which draws it's energy from the sun, in turn drawing energy from the galaxy. Amazing journey. I love these experiences.

    I've always had this incline that I am a star seed and for the past 3-6 months I have been talking to my DNA. I had never put the two together in the same thought. When I did it felt like the spark of life.

    Anyway, I'm stoned and no alarm clocks tomorrow, let's see where tonight takes me :wave:
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    Stars are at the center of us all. Let your center shine vicariously and upon you to light the way. Let your center shine bright. You never know who may be looking, from billions of light years away.
  10. We're all stars here.
  11. It's nice that you can post about a concept as far out as activating your dna and instead of running into folk who tell you that it's not possible you get other kindered souls.

    Last night I had another OB experience, this time I decided to go and visit this sun and then see how we line up with our galaxy, dark rift and so on. I felt an awful lot of energy and had quite a few epiphanies in the process. I never made it to the dark rift, got distracted by all the epiphanies one of which goes back to talking to my DNA. I think the youth chromosome is number 11, lol, of course, how could it be any other number to one who sees 11:11 quite often? Anyway, I was trying to heal my knee by shining light in it and so on, and it dawned on me, instead of trying to heal what is broken (or in my case torn) create a new one. We are the manifestation of our thoughts. Morphogenetic fields and all. DNA is strands of A-T-G-C nucleotids. Fire letter, find the codes, fire them up. So I asked for codes and the codes started coming, they really did. Within a few seconds I realised I wouldn't be able to remember them all, too many, too fast. So I observed it, soon I realised there was a bit of a pattern AAGATC, sounded like Agathe a crystal, I'll remember that, and here I am. Turns out Agathe should be spelled Agate. How funny A-gate, I am a gatekeeper. A quick google search reveals that:

    This is THE stone everyone should have for protection. This group of stones are variegated chalcedony. (see also moss agate, eye agate) The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history.

    Agates attract strength. Agate is a protection from bad dreams. It also protects from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. They were used to ward off storms. They were prized gems in antiquity. The agates with banded colors were placed at the head of a sleeper to give rich and varied dreams. Agates have been thought to be good to harden the gums.

    Funny. I'll get one. Anyway...the DNA sequence AAGATC need to do some research and see if this pattern emerges anywhere.
  12. i tried to explore the future last night. i cant even begin to explain the realization

  13. There are things I've realized when I'm high that I can't begin to explain, but I know them to be true and that's why I am the person I am today and why I see that things like money and material possessions means absolutely nothing- only understanding matters and this is all that will matter on my deathbed. This is why I keep smoking.
  14. Stars and DNA are made of material... and concerning yourself with them is attaching yourself to Samsara.

    If you get upset by people's relationship with 'materials', then you are in turn attached to them aswell... basing your happiness(or cynicism) off the same thing, vicariously. Why give them control over you?


    OP, so you had this duper 12 dimensional trip... yet you conclude your post still butthurt about corporations and whatnot.

    So, what did you gain? Does all this DNA and starstuff make you happy? Does it help you overcome your attachments to this world?

  15. Haha...yes. Every time I re-read the post I keep thinking I should have laid off the corporations. Corporations are part of the control. Some earn more than entire countries. I'm not against people making money, but considering they use public roads to get their goods to market, use the police to have secure operations, have the fire brigade on hand, etc... it would be nice if they kept a chunk of their profits and give some back. They are the ones pulling the strings, creating laws. I mean how many laws are there? I better not digress again....

    So what have I gained from this experience? Well none of my gains are measurable by mainstream science, so if anything I officially ended up losing sleep.

    Does it make me happy? I live in the now, now I am happy.

    Does it help overcome my attachments to this world? The status quo was preserved.

    Working with D12 energies has impacted my life. As an indigo/crystalline it has answered many questions and raised many more. It has charged me up, no doubt. I have more energy, proper energy.

    The other day I met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while. He also suffers from a bad knee. I asked him if I could have a look at it (through clothing). He was very tentative to it because of the pain, and I assured him I wouldn't touch him, or get into a couple of feet of him, just that he kept his knee still and allowed me to have a look at it at different angles. I was bang on with diagnosis, the location of the pain, which side it was worse. I looked inside, checked tissue and blood flow. It doesn't look good. I held back. He was uncomfortable with my accuracy. It came as natural as my other 5 senses. He looked baffled, that how do you know look I have grown so accustomed to after reading people's auras.

    The best part is I have only just tapped into this :)
  16. Is there any scienctific proof of this, or are you basing it on subjective experiences?

  17. Are you actually telling him to scientifically explain what he learned through meditation? If so, you are closed-minded, and asking for something impossible. That is a real fuckin jerk move to pull. Meditation is something that may never be scientifically proved, but that does NOT mean, ONE bit it isn't real.

    It grinds my gears more than absolutely anything when someone thinks that the only truths are what can be scientifically proven.

    Barely even hundreds of years ago everybody on this planet honestly believed that the sun rotated around the earth, that disease was cause by magic and that the earth was flat. Why? Because they didn't have the technology to know otherwise during their time. How do you know we don't have the technology to prove things we may even think are crazy today? Like our spirit is real, it can travel dimensions, what happens after death, what we are before birth.

    Plus, yes, it is scientifically proven that we are directly connected to stars. How? Because after the big bang only two elements existed. Hydrogen and Helium. Every single other element was created through the process of stars being born and dying. Ergo, every atom in your body was created by a star.

  18. He was simply asking a question not telling him to do anything. I will say I'm a bit skeptical of the whole 12d/indigo child thing but if the meditation is improving who you are then all the best. I know it did for me.

  19. I still think it's extremely closed-minded to expect someone to scientifically explain meditative knowledge.

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