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DNA profiling for assault

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darttrain46, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Earlier this week, I was involved in an incident on a public bus in which money was taken from me and I was bashed by a group of boys. It was for no reason, just alcohol fueled violence. I spent the morning at the police station giving statements and such (with dank in my bag haha) and at the end, the forensics officer said they would do some DNA profiling on me so that when they swab the clothes I was wearing at the time, they could distinguish between me and the criminals.
    My Question is, given I am not sure as to what method they are collecting my DNA with, if I was to smoke a bit (between now and the test which is sometime next week), could I potentially test positive for Marijuana? I am not a heavy smoker, I smoke once a week. I know Marijuana isn't detectable in DNA because DNA isn't affected by outside processes. I am more worried about the nature of the test. Would the police (accidentally) find Marijuana in my system?

  2. I assume they are doing a DNA analysis not a drug test, couldn't tell you for sure though
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    Lol its not a drug test. They collect inmate dna now to keep it in the system at your first arrest to catch you for future crimes should you commit any down the road.
  4. I can almost guarantee it's a cheek swab. They won't be checking for pot.
  5. Ouch a felony, see ya buddy.

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  6. They won't notice THC unless they're looking for THC

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  7. What?
  8. He didn't read the thread, just posted for post count

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