"DNA" Originated in space says NASA

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  1. Ok well the title may be a bit misleading, they didn't find DNA exactly, but they found the building blocks (Aedenine and Guanine) on meteorites which came from space. Since the 60's they have found this but only until recently were they able to be sure about their findings.

    This is awesome news if I do say so my self!!!!!

    Source: NASA - NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space
  2. Panspermia, anyone?
  3. Precisely.

    Dawnofwar - This is good shit. There is indeed plenty of life out there!
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    This is my guess as to how life arose on earth, due to the quickness of arrival.

    But I'm not sure you read the article. Here's a summary. They have 3 reasons why they believe this originated on the meteor itself, or at least can be replicated given the conditions and contents of meteors.

  5. this means we are closer to setting up abiogenesis experaments

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