DNA Kushberry + Bagseed micro box grow

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    Hello all, this is my first time posting on grasscity, and boy am i excited!
    Here are my, on monday, three week old babies. The larger one is the bagseed, it has been tied down and side growth is optimum; however, there are burns on the leaves!!! i am using fox farms ocean forest and watering with ph 7 filtered water.

    The lighting is 4 23 watt cfl 2600k, and 4 14 wtt cfl 5600k.

    The smaller plant is the DNA Kushberry, whom has also been tied down. She is the same age as the bagseed, yet growing slower and shorter! She has a minor burn.

    Show me some GC love and help a new grower out!:wave:



    [​IMG]MO kushberry

    Atleast 6 tops :D but the burn worries me:///
  2. somebody help meee, the necrotic spots are growing, appearing on new growth on the sides of leaves, and yellowing the bottom leave's margins.
  3. try posting the pictures in the sick plant section and while waiting for an answer hit up the list of common things to cause certain symptons if i knew the answer id tell ya but i dont sorry still a newbie
  4. Okay here is my first update!
    The plants have been on 12/12 since the 21st.
    DNA Kushberry (blueberry x og kush) is on the right.
    The bagseed is on the left.
    Let the fun begin!

    Box with temps from 85-75

    My gorgeous kushberry:)

    Side angle

    My bagseed with insane tops, hope its a female!

    from the side

    and again.

    The burns are minor, so i'm hoping its no big deal.

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