DNA is the lense through which manifestation occurs

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  1. Imagine your conciousness as a spark of light. That conciousness then manifests itself by projecting onto the morphogenetic grid creating the 'illusion' of life. Everything that we see is a manifestation of our conciousness. We often feel like passengers in life when really we are the drivers. Not only are we the drivers, but we are also the engineer and builder of the car. We create everything. We do not understand our own divinity.

    DNA is the lense through which manifestation occurs. For me to see you (and vice versa) we must share the same dna. I would not be able to manifest in front of you if you did not have the dna coding to manifest me.
  2. Good post, bro. I agree with it, to a degree; but, overall I liked the insight.
  3. We all come from the same source, which is DNA; that DNA is a message from, or a manifestation of, a higher intelligence, which we are evolving towards.

  4. I'm not sure what you mean by source, to me source is G-d. I see DNA as the lense and conciousness as the projector. So everything I perceive, I perceive because my dna allows me to manifest it.

    So when I walk around everyone I see I share their dna and they do mine. So the snobs that may look down at me really share my dna. This thought has given me an incredible sense of connectedness. The fat kid, I share your dna, the hot chick, I share your dna too.

    At the moment I am trying to understand the concept that we perceive as solid the frequency bands that exist 1 full dimensional band below the frequencies within which the conciousness is stationed.

    So a third strand dna activation allows the conciousness to anchor in the third dimension and to experience as solid one dimension below...the second dimension. So to experience the 5th dimension we need 6 strand dna activation. This would mean that as a 2 stranded dna being, my conciousness is in dimension 2 and I am experiencing dimension 1. Or I am a three stranded dna being and the third strand is 'junk' dna.
  5. Well, all life on this planet has evolved from a basic genetic template seeded on this planet billions of years ago. Within this genetic code is pre-programmed the basic evolutionary process. So despite evolution, it all stems from ONE genetic code. This genetic code was in a way "written by" a higher intelligence, and in another way IS a higher intelligence. This higher intelligence is both what we are evolving FROM, as well as what we are evolving INTO.
  6. You share DNA with bananas too.

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