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  1. I'm not sure if this belongs in indoor because it is a strain question but it DOES pertain to indoor growing.

    Has anyone ever grown DNA genetics Sharksbreath indoors? (GWS(WW x Skunk) x Jamaician Lambsbread)

    What was the potency/yield like and what lights did you use?

    How many weeks of flowering was it?
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    Yes, I've grown numerous harvests of DNA Sharksbreath. I personally love it, and it is a favorite among many of my heavy smoking patients. I've gotten two main phenotypes, both equally good. One is a bit more skunky and has very dense indica buds, and the other has more of a citrus smell/flavor and slightly more fluffy nuggets.

    Both produce a pretty even, clear headed stone with noticeable, but not overpowering physical attributes. It is a VERY resinous strain with large, long stemmed trichomes.

    Potency and yield have been quite good for me. I grew some without intervention, and others I topped and trained around tomato cages.

    I grow in a soil mix that is 5 parts Ocean Forrest, 5 parts Happy Frog, 2 or 3 parts Roots Coco mix, 1 part mushroom compost, 1 part Age Old potting soil. I then add 2 tbsp kelp meal, and 2 Tbsp Dolomite lime.

    I use a mix of Age Old Organics and Advanced Nutrients. I do not follow any feeding schedule suggested by any companies. I look at and listen to my plants.

    I vege under a mix of HO and VHO T5 lights and 6.4K Sunpulse MH 1000W.

    I flower in a 11x11 room with 6,000 Watts of 3K and 10K Sunpulse MH lights in Daystar hoods on linear movers, cooled with the entire line of products from Hydro Innovations powered by a 2 HP Chillking Chiller. Co2 enriched via Hydrogen Pro burner. PPM controlled with sentinel digital meters.

    It is a 8-9 week strain.
  3. I grew out the citrusy fluffy pheno and it didn't do well in my grow room. I found the plant to be finicky and difficult to grow. Personally, I really like DNA Genetics Cole Train and Kandy Kush (especially the Skunk cross), but I found Sharks breath to be a whole new can of worms.

    I'm all skunk and big bud in my experiences, and this strain requires different nutrient levels than these plants during flowering. Totally just my own learning experience. I expect it is a fine strain as I've heard nothing but good about it. I took a clone and I'm growing her out again, maybe it'll go better this time around... Veg was a breeze, it was flowering that threw her out of whak - so we'll see :)
  4. ive got a month old sharksbreath growing at the moment im about to switch it to flower you can check the micro grows section to see some pictures
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    Fluffy pheno:

  6. Rounded, dense pheno:


    Sorry, I've been having trouble uploading pics for some reason. Otherwise I'd put up some more/better shots.

    Anyhow, enjoy the Sharksbreath!
  7. Those look nice man! :)
  8. Thank you! I try my best to focus on quality, not quantity. Those 10K lights really bring out the frost!

    If you think it looks good, you should smell and taste it. Mmmmmmm.

    Odd that 2lsc found it to be a difficult strain but had an easy time with Cole Trian. I too have flowered cole train, and found it to be the more difficult of the two.

    Here is another nice shot of the fluffy phenotype:


    All photos are taken with my Cannon EOS 7D. I don't know shit about photography, but I'm trying to learn. It is supposed to be a nice camera anyhow. I use a 10X magnifying filter that screws onto the lens for macro shots. I also have less powerful filters that I can stack for extreme close ups.
  9. thats a very nice camera dude the shots are very clear. You grow some amazing bud too. i hope my sharksbreath will end up looking like that, i just switched it to 12/12 today after vegging for a month. Any more tips on the strain? and also id love to see more pictures of sharksbreath if you dont mind. thanks man
  10. I'm humbled by your compliments. I'm just passionate about providing quality herb for my clients and myself. I'm a "Caregiver" and patient in the state of Montana. When I saw the garbage that was being sold as medical marijuana, I decided to do something about it. It has been a great deal of hard work, and a significant investment, but it is paying off exponentially. Best of all, I love my job!

    The camera is really nice. Almost too nice for me. Kind of like letting a kid take his driving test in a Ferrari. It has so many functions it just confuses the hell out of me. But, I'm learning. Some of my patients are actually trained photographers, and are willing to teach me how to best photograph my buds.







    I just got an order of seeds and in it are three packs of Sharksbreath. It is definitely one of the strains I keep in the garden. Good luck with your grow!
  11. Excellent work sir! Lovely frosty nugs. I have respect for someone like you who puts in the effort for that extra quality and it sure pays off in the end hey? :) +rep

    I'm definitely going to give these a go. Finishing a batch of autos and then thinking of doing a few normal strains for fun while I have lots of smoke.

    Can you recommend any others?
  12. How do I give rep on here? Lol
  13. omg soooooooooooooooooo dank i can not wait to harvest!! great job dude keep it up its cool that you can grow super dank for others, i wish i could do the same but my state doesnt have medical weed.

  14. thanks guys for the help. ill deff be growin this out. also, any more accurate yield information? and thanks for the pics. they REALLY make me wanna grow this.
  15. Copped a zip of Sharksbreath today. Nice dense colas and a powerful skunky smell. Taste is delicious. Definitely worth a grow! :smoke:

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