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DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ihavethajuice, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Has anyone tried these breeders? Any opinions?
  2. have not tried them but heard dna genetics uses strong usa strains so u wouldn't be disappointed if u bought from them. reserva privada also carries many great strains. it depends what u are looking for.
  3. It's just that I have a few strains from these breeders I received for free, just seeing if they're worth planting.

    The strains are:

    DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk
    DNA Genetics Rock Lock
    DNA Genetics Sharksbreath

    Reserva Privada Cole Train
  4. not sure exactly how but seems DNA and RP are somehow affiliated.

    Anyways I got all of those same freebies, I have germed the sharksbreath and the cole train.
    cole train has not germinated after 8 days in a cup of water and sharksbreath has finally just germed with only 1 cotyledon :confused:. Its hanging in there though so we will see what happens.

    On the other hand my dinafem freebies blue hash and super critical haze both germed faster than any of my other beans.

    Good Luck!
  5. same breeders they originate out of california, but are now also breeding in uk:smoking:
    some of the best seeds money can buy
  6. Clone them all. They will be the best. The lemon skunk is awsome 60 days after 12/12
  7. i agree 100% DNA has excelent genetic's, got a few strain ..
  8. I also agree as I have purchased from them already. I originally started growing some bag seeds I had, various kush plants etc, then someone recommended the Reserva Privada as they had some of the best genetics in the world. I guess thats the UK one? Anyway, my journal has some of my plants from them in there. Actually just posted a new vid today with lots of great footage of the Reserva Privada plants. They are all in veg right now as I will be cloning next week.
  9. can you say chocolope? geez i've been waiting forever! last one i got was a fem but cracked as hell from the "tude" but they replaced it with a sharksbreath and rocklock fem a while back...not bad for being out of stock , i paid for one, got two DNA strain's..but damn i want that chocolope...waiting forever on that one...but at least you know that DNA will not release until ripe and ready...
  10. I have about 7 of thier strains and have yet to crack one but I thint that the lemon skunk and sherks breath will be in order this season. has anyone grew out the "cole train"? would love to see a grow of that strain I have heard good things but havent seen it with my own eyes.

  11. had one 45, f'ker never was right next to a shark's breath that did
  12. how was the shark? you finish it?
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    beautiful baby next to my satori's and hashberries from mandala(breeding prodject) but cracked in no time ...look's fantastic so far..healthy liitle girl indeed..can't wait to clone this one out..
    also running a AK-47 serious fem
    chiesel BBS
    A-Train fem's TH SEEDS
    trainwreck GHSC
    cheese GHSC
    critical kalimist DELICIOUS
  14. i have a reserva privada cole train growing right now, its coming along slowly but its very healthy, and my lemon skunk bean just popped so ima plant it today
  15. yo juice, dna is the shit hands down. I grew out the la woman which was a freebie and it was bomb! resin was immense at 3 weeks flowering and the leafs were HUGE! you could never go wrong with any dna strain in my opinion.
  16. Thanks for all the feedback guys, looks like I had a treasure and didn't even notice. I'll be popping a couple of these a couple months from now. If you could pick two to start, which would it be?
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    I have grown out

    Reserva Privada Kandy Kush
    and it was some super tasty Dank as shit smoke.
    My Wife said it smells like Grape Vomit and today i swear it smells like fresh cantaloupe
    Its a sweat Obnoxious funk.. just flat out incredible

    DNA LA Confidential and its super diesely purple rock hard buds that smell up the room
    I can only imagine how good this is going to be.. the Diesel smell came on after week 7 and its still going into day 68.

    DNA SharksBreath its super sticky stink up the whole house bud with this juicy mouth watering taste that leaves this strong skunk after taste.

    I'm Very impressed with DNA and Reserva Privada so far.

    I have many more to try out.. OG18 is on my list a long with its many crosses they released...

    Headband should be out soon from them as well
  18. :eek: Wow that is some fine looking grass! You got good taste in strains, I'll grow the first two till the end.
  19. i'm just surprised just how many good females we have found in DNA and Reserva..
    Me and a few of my friends have now just harvested some more.. and the OG18 x Skunk Female is a keeper.. i cannot wait for their next release when ever that is.
    Their Fem and Reg seeds are great.
  20. 6 pack of La conf had 4 keepers almost identical to pictures DNA uses, and the 6 pack of Kandy Kush had 5 keepers a bit of variance but all potent as could be. Tough decisions. Did you get in on all 5 of the skunk train promo crosses?

    I think headband will be their next release...don't know about you but I can't wait.

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