DNA Genetics Recon

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  1. Anyone here have the pleasure of growing this lovely strain?
  2. no but i hear a lot about it, seems pretty legit
  3. I tried recon at grey area coffee shop in amsterdam a couple of years ago and it almost made me pass out. On my next trip, I picked up a 6-pack of seeds from DNA genetics.
    Right now, I'm in the 6th week of flower and i am absolutely ASTOUNDED at the size of the colas that I have! this is my second grow, but the yield is probably going to be 3-4 times my first. I have one large plant under a 400w hps fixture and it looks like about 4 oz. or more at this point... 3 weeks to go still. I can't fuckin wait!
  4. here are some pics of the crop so far!

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  5. :eek: Oh my god ... :hello:

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