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DNA genetic - 60 day wonder - automatic

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by ak47bam, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Here i like to know what does anyone think about this DNA 60 day wonder auto flowering plant.
    Does anyone here growing this strain now?
    I read that she will finish in 60 day from seed. Maybe this will be my next year grow:cool:
    Here are the spec for this plant :

    DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Feminised Seeds Specs

    Genetics:Williams Wonder x RuderalisType:90% Indica : 10% SativaFlowering Time:60 days from seedYield: 28-40g's a plant!

    6 Seeds per Pack

    DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Feminised Cannabis Seeds Info

    Our commercial growers have kept asking us to produce a feminized strain that will yield and finish FAST. Well that time has come, we're proud to introduce the 60 Day Wonder! It took us a bit longer to get this one released but it was definitely worth the wait!!

    It's Williams Wonder!

    A very special commercial indica that produces fat and resinous flowers and finishes early.
    It is then crossed to a ruderalis strain, back crossed a couple of times, and now we are ready to release one of the fastest commercially viable strains out on the market.
    60 Day Wonder will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, 60 days from SEED!!!
    The flowers on this plant look more like the Williams Wonder and it keeps the medicinal values of her as well, but thanks to the ruderalis, we don't have to wait long for this magical medicine! Great for the beginner grower and perfect for commercial growers who want to crop every 60 days in- or outside from SEED!!
    A great strain for the windowsill or for the stealthy gardener
  2. another great old school strain fucked by ruderalis.
  3. Lol i think i want to try it out. 60 days with 6 plants. for 90USD pretty much. Its worth it.. Too bad we cant clone those damn things.
  4. i'm going to start growing soon and i've been pretty much dead-set on auto-flowering strains for sheer convenience. I've heard some varying opinions on them though, how they compare with non-ruderalis strains etc. If you wouldn't mind it'd be awesome to hear your entire opinion on them, especially if it will help me avoid wasting money on lowryder heh
  5. I am growing auto as well,easy ryder for now. Bit disappointing on the plant. Not as i expected,hoping that they'll grow faster but to me there still slow growing strains. I dunno what happen to my easy ryder actually,maybe the seed shop gave me a crap/ungrade seed. So now i just concerntrate on my SLH/moby dick flowering:)

    I think this 60 day william wonder auto are good/better than any other auto's,since the breeder are DNA ganetics who also won a few cannabis cup for their strains.
    To me 60 days for a bud are awesome,who care about low yielding,there are many other non auto strains that are disappointing in yield like SLH,i read a grow report not just 1 grower but a few grower, reports that this SLH only yield 50gram per plant (i'll will find out how many gram will my SLH be,she are 24 days into flower).
    So do you think it's worth to wait 5-6 month for just 50 gram or take 60 days to get an equal to non auto strains?
    60 day for a bud are way to soon, say if you had 10 of this plant, 10 x 40gram and get 400gram for 2 month,20 plant you'll get 800gram for 4 month,it worth a try for me. Hope i can get 40 seeds of this william next year:D
    My most wanted auto strain are by GRASSOMATIC ak47 automatic,maybe you heard of it,but i cannot find it in my trusted seed store,only at 2 place i found this seed,at telegrow.com (SPAIN) and mariamarkt.com If you can find it don't hesitate to grow it,a nice automatic are always soldout:cool: Now my next target are 60 day wonder.
  6. I was just coming in here to post the exact same question! Thank You!

    I am curious as to what kind of yield an experienced grower can actually get? i don't really mean a dry weight because I know that is nearly impossible to estimate, but kind of like a comparison between expectations of a 60 day wonder compared to a similar non auto with more of a "standard" flower time.

    I would like to hear any opinions on this strain, it is very interesting to me. What will they come up with next, does this plant even have limits!!!!!:hello:
  7. Yeah. Hope someone with more info can share an info about this auto.
    I will grow them next year because my grow room reach it limit now because almost 30 plant in my indoor. So anyone growing this 60 day wonder this year?
  8. I made an order this week from attitude. cant wait to give em a try. the lowryder #2 x auto ak47 is amazing.
  9. 100% agree. their easyryder was phenomenal.
  10. I agree with attitude. Also buying from them since my fist seeds. 2 of my ER are showing its sex already,and its female.
    The freebies that they gave are also come femanized,like the moby dick they gave me are in the flowering stage now:D
    But i just wondering is there someone here growing DNA 60 day wonder?
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    ok , i heard so much about this 60 day wonder strain ! that i got my self a packet of 5 fems from d.n.a !
    and this is my input as no site seems too have anything about them !
    a FREIND ! of mine mine cracked all 5 ! they were each put in a single 4 lit pot and grown under 2 X 400 watt super sun T's as close too the bulbs as the 14 " fan pointed right at the bulbs would allow ! feed on a food e.c of 1.5 at all times and a bionic booster at half strenth ! and a ph of exactly 5.0 !
    at a 22 hour light cycle,
    well the photos they use on all the sites selling the pips are nothing like the plant ! these plants grow too the biggist 20" the branches grow very long ! and there was alot of big leave that started too form flowers on the leaves right at the stem of the leaves ! and was very cool too see ! the yeld was very low ! from 10 grams up too 14 grams ! so nothing too shout about !
    but the smoke was a strong ! all over stone ! lush !
    my freind also sead he would'nt spend time growing them again under lights !
    but would love too see what they did outside !
  12. Excellent strain. I've had them from 1.5' to 2.5'. Easy to grow and will do so very well singly under 150w HPS. Hearty and versatile. Mellow smoke, not harsh. Nice earthy and very sweet flavor. Kickass buzz. Solid 4 stars out of 5. Some say better.
  13. Used to smoke Willies Wonder all the time like 10 years ago. That shit was potent. Can't say if it's anything like 60 day wonder though.
  14. some people swear by lowrider hybrids. i never flowered them, but i did get some lowdown mystery freebies that smelled really skunky and had to have some potency behind that. there was also an ample amount of resin glands on it, so i'm guessing it was a super skunk or blue cheese hybrid.

    some growers either can't deal with the flowering process or want plants they can grow in a shoebox.

    i'm inclined to agree that ruderalis is the worst possible strain to use in a smoking strain, but plants based on it remain popular for the autoflowering.
  15. 60 day wonder has a wide range of phenotypes ; some indica types(short,medium,tall,dark green,green,light green), the odd ruderalis like types, one rare sativa like pheno(haze like smell), and a friend has one right now that is 36 days from seed,still vegging, and hasn't shown and pistils yet.it is over a foot tall now.this is odd, because the 60 day wonder usually shows pistils anywhere from 20-23 days from start.we think it is a non-auto flowering pheno.this is a unique strain, with potency ranging from medium-high, and a long-lasting effect.great for medicinal use...watch out for the creeper phenos!
  16. My experience with 60 day wonder, 1st plant still growing, less then week from 1month bday and no sex still, my 2 seed never made germination, and 3rd germinated but looks retarded, grew one leaf thats it, it's still doing nothing.. I have two more beans to plant. So far I don't know what to think. Hope the rest of the beans grow and plant that's growing turns out good.
  17. My 60DW didn't flower under 18/6. So when it was around 6 weeks I changed to 12/12. It has now been flowering for 3 weeks and buds are starting to show up. Seems like it wasn't 100% autoflowering.
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    I may have the same problem, or I stressed my plant to much from moving it around.. It's past 30 days and no sex, it's outside but I'll prob bring it back inside on Tuesday, when I get my privacy back lol, hope I can finish it in the four weeks it's inside.
    If not I'll have to take it back outside to see what will happen.
  19. I had quite a few different 60 DW phenos.; out of 18, 10 were ready around 60 days , around 12-15 inches, 2 dwarves at 56 days bout,6,7" tall,than the other 6 ranging from 18" to 30", took abit longer.the one non-autoflowering one is at day 66, about 1 week in flower.some creeper phenos in there.
  20. i am thinking about these same seeds.....you only got those tiny plants out of it....how big were the pot size?

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