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    Last week I had to go to the local dmv inspection station to get my usual 2 year inspection.The station is about a half hour drive away and I figured while I was out that way I would pick up some trees from my friend who was on the way. I stopped at his house first because he was leaving soon and we did the usual smoke session/chill/etc until it was time to leave. I went straight to the inspection station from his house and was still pretty buzzed. I waited in line for a good 30 minutes listening to music and eating until it was my turn. They asked me to step out and wait in the booth until my car was called and about halfway walking to the booth I remembered I had left my new pickup in my cup holder right in the open. I had a mini panic attack and just decided to say fuck it because I wasn't going to go back into my car while he was sitting in it already. I waited for 20 minutes on the edge of my seat for cops or someone to show up, but then I saw my car pull out with the guy blasting my radio and laughing as he handed me my paperwork. He told me to have a good day and passed the car which should have failed for window tint and a broken brake cable lol. As I got back in my car I could see the bag was sitting in plain sight and looked like someone had picked it up, etc. I got home and weighed it but nothing was missing. Thank you local dmv :) 

  2. Thats fuck awesome
  3. Damn haha i woulda been sweatin bullets.

    I aint that lucky lol!

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