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  1. So I've been listening to Joe Rogan talking about his DMT experiences on YouTube and they sound like something I want to do. Complete perspective change, eye opening, as close to talking to God as possible. What are your experiences and suggestions on it? Also, the only psychedelic I've done is salvia, do you guys think I should work my way up?
  2. I think you should, although I've never done DMT, I plan on it, and I'm very experienced with mushrooms. I say you trip a few times first, and then make your own DMT, so you feel completely at ease with the chemical you're about to put into your body.
  3. you should check out and read up on that shit.

    very interesting drug, quite hard to describe and tough to label as "recreational"
  4. If you don't want to go on a MAOI diet in order to take it orally, you're gonna have to vape it.

    Not in a vape, it vaporizes at a pretty low temp, 100 something. Anyway, you're gonna need like an oil vape pipe or whatever they are called. It's usually like a clear bowl with a kink in the neck.

    Oh and out of all the drug's I've done, it's hands down the most painful to take.
    The vapor off DMT feels like you just inhaled glass shards, but about idk, 2 seconds later or so you're out, so who cares.

    ^ Bingo
  5. EXACTLY------Harsh as all hell. But it's all worth it.
  6. i love dmt. most fun ever, especially looking off a balcony while on a lower dose trip... everything looks squashed.

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