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Discussion in 'General' started by potsmokaupnorth, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. I\'ve been hearin some shit about DMT. Anyone ever try it here?
  2. What kind of shit?
  3. Just that it was pretty intense and crazy.
  4. I can agree on that after seeing 3 or 4 people trip on 5-meo-DMT. A couple of them say it feels like they\'re dying for a second. From what it seems, it looks like a pretty good rush.

    Careful though. Bad trips only seem to happen to people who do too much. You only need a few mg (yes milligrams).

    Might want to do some research and check Erowid before you even think about trying it.
  5. supposedly some crazy intense shit to trip on. doesn\'t last long if i remember correctly. Oh yea, I think you smoke it. SOunds whack to me.

  6. The trip lasts about 45 minutes smoking or freebasing it, and up to an hour (after effects for 1 - 3 hours) if you snort it. Check Erowid for dosage.

    Snorting it seems to be the best way to go. Seems a lot more mild and pleasurable than smoking/freebasing.

    I\'ve heard the dying thing, many people have said it feels kind of like ecstacy, also you get creative flow, and closed eye visuals. These are not first hand experiences, but from some friends of mine.

  7. 5-MeO-DMT is different than DMT. DMT is the stronger of the two. Better not to have any confusion :)

  8. Exactly why I specified, but thanks for clearing up any confusion out there. I\'ve never experienced or trip sat for anyone using DMT. Just 5-MeO-DMT.

    So everyone keep that in mind. :)
  9. I personally have had many experiences with DMT all diferent in nature. DMT is a very powerful drug, and yes you do drop the pipe after hitting it. Effects are usually immediate, and the trip generally lasts about an hour depending on body weight. It tastes terrible. The trip itself is unlike anything i have ever experienced before. It seems like it lasts forever.
  10. I was gonna order some 5-MeO-DMT, 100mg for $30. But instead I ordered another 200mg of 2c-i. I\'ve had a lot of people asking me about it after hearing about my trips.

    I thought the trips from smoking 5-MeO only lasted 10-30 minutes, and the comedown is for another hour or so. Just be careful with that stuff, it\'s very intense...
  11. As with all drugs, there is alot of variation when it comes to potency. Especially when its it crystal form.

  12. if you don\'t mind me asking.. where/how do you order it?

  13. Actually snorting it is more powerful than smoking it.

    But finding this or any research chemical on the street would be very hard...you need to order it from a research chemical supplier.

    Like imagine walking up to your dealer and saying \"Could you get me 100mg of 2C-I or Dmt?\"

    I wish :D

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