Dmt *****

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  1. that shit is wiked. anyone done that yet. DMT *****:smoking:
  2. I was under the impression that DMT was extremely hard to come by because it's basically just a research chemical.
  3. LOL a research chemical?
    Its not a research chemical, its natural and is in most plants and your brain (ever wonder why you dream?)
    A research chemical would be something like DOB, 2CB.

    The only difficult thing to do is extract it from plants. (but there are recipes everywhere with detailed instructions, and the plants are easily purchasable on

    You can look it up on too.

    But yes, OP, DMT rocks.
    I would love to try it again, I didn't take the last hit so it wasn't as intense and I didn't fully experience it; but what I did see was awesome!
  4. You're right, I must have been thinking of something else.

    Got mixed up, my mistake.
  5. yea ive done it twice! its so awsome i kinda wish it was a lil longer though but i hear if you take a large dose it can last for like 20 minutes....that would be soo insane!
  6. No worries. Those 3 letter drugs can be confusing I know.
    My boyfriend knows more about them, I usually have to ask him lol)
  7. What's a DMT experience like?
  8. a good one I think is maybe the matrix lawl!
  9. In a study done by Rick Strassman, research subjects were given DMT intravenously multiple times throughout a 24 hour period.
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    Its like a waking lucid dream.
    Just pretend you're dreaming, but you're fully concious (as in awake).
    I looked at my boyfriend and his curls started turning into horns and his eyes were so large and intense I had to look away, so I stared at the plant we had and it was alive and shining and breathing. Really awesome.
  11. I thought lucid dreams where concious?
  12. Were you awake?
    In lucid dreams you may be aware of what you're doing and can control what you're doing, but as far as I've experienced you're not awake.
    I've had lucid dreams, but I was never dreaming lucid in the middle of the day on my couch.
  13. DMT is wow..
    thats all i can say about it

    I went to underground sound 4 this year and took a hit of dmt after candyflippin and taking a whip it and i had a full blown out of body experiance..

    Definately the most spiritual of all drugs ive taken.. you feel so soothed and relaxed while your visuals are so vivid and amazing..

    Highly Reccomended
  14. I've been meaning to do a DMT extraction for a while. I had some ayahuasca once but it wasn't as strong as I could've made it. I just need to get some mimosa hostilis bark and some ammonia. Anyone know where to get surfactant free (soap free) ammonia?
  15. i love DMT:D it's pretty easy to make and the experience it can usher in is amazing!
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    But yea, DMT is amazing. Very hard to come by around here. Only able to do it once so far. Wish I could get some now so I could make my current acid trip. crazy insane.

  17. Nice! A friend of mine went to US4 and introduced about 20 people to it! Maybe you were one of them, he was camped about midlevel right next to a vendor.
  18. DMT=being fed random information from somewhere very very deep in your subconscious. For me anyhow.
  19. god damn i want some of it so bad. i just might know someone who might know someone who..... yeah... maybe one day i'll get to try it lol

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