DMT: yes/no/ advice?

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I was doing some thinking and a little research, and I think I could possibly extract DMT (probably after a few attempts). But I wanted to know if anyone's done it or how tight the margin for error is here.. If I fuck it up, am I going to die? Stuff like that. So, yeah, would you kindly just put down any information you have. I'm not going to bitch if there's some info that I already know. The more the better right? Anyways, thanks ahead of time.
  2. we are not google
  3. You should take that to spiritually section. They know the shit. specially anox(something) the blade.
  4. DMT extraction is pretty simple all things considered... You may have to do a few trial and error runs, but no, you're not going to die or anything.

    As for a DMT experience? It's one of the most profound experiences a human being can ever experience.. Although smoking DMT, in my opinion, is like having your throat raped with fiberglass insulation. You can also just eat it, but this requires you to take an MAOI (which in turn means you have to go on a strict diet for weeks and weeks before the experience)

    Smoking it will lead to an incredibly potent yet short trip, while eating it isn't as powerful but will last longer.

    Do your research on erowid before you get into it, but DMT is something I think everyone should experience at least once in their life.... My parents actually partook in a shaman guided DMT journey in the jungles of South America... they said it was one of the most beautiful experiences of their life, just sitting there chilling deep inside the rainforest, atop wooden platform. Wish I could have gone on that trip
  5. i only have two things to say about DMT

    1) DMT is SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) I cant wait to get some more
  6. i have a friend that makes it but never really learned how to make it
    are you going to make it to sell or to just for personal consumption?

    also if you further your knowledge on making DMT you can start making Ayahuasca which is basically a much more intense trip and a much much much longer trip

    cool video i found on Ayahuasca
    [ame=""]YouTube - Ayahuasca[/ame]
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    Thanks guys. Also, I did already hit up google and erowid. I just feel more comfortable getting information from people in a sort of conversation.
    edit: I was just going to use it myself, and maybe a few friends. I don't want to spread it around too much.
  8. and while we're on the topic what are everyones craziest trips?

    my craziest so far was i took about 2 or 3 bong rips (small bong) of dmt and layed on a couch and closed my eyes and prepared myself for the journey. Next thing i know i get up from the couch but fall on all fours. I looked up from the ground and instantly split into four slices (from the head down) and my the four segments of my bods curled back to reveal a blackish blue orb. So now it was just the illuminating orb and a surrounding very bright white light and in the mean time i felt as though i had completely ceased to exist. this was deffinately the most intense trip i've ever had in my life

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