dmt with melatonin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by light green, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. do you think that the melatonin would increase your trip?
  2. na mannn, if anything it would just send you into a different trip, i doubt it would make you trip harder.

    you dont need anything to increase a DMT trip.
    unless the shit your gettting isnt potent at all.

    try shroomin and hitting dmt.

    report backkk
  3. i didn't exactly mean would it make you trip harder. i was actually just curious to see how it would effect your trip. i was researching sleep aids and i found out about melatonin, and that it's also produced by the pineal gland of your brain. so instantly i was curious to how that would effect a dmt trip. maybe i'll try it, i was planning on buying some melatonin to aid with my sleep.
  4. yeah that would be interesting since dmt comes from the same gland.

    do you plan on doing it soon?

    theres some melatonin strips you can buy at gas stations that take 5 mins to kick in
  5. i'm not sure, i was gonna get some dmt soon. maybe i'll experiment with it. if i do i'll definitely keep a tape recorder by.
  6. ah have you not done dmt yet my mann?

    if not i hope you've tripped off shroooms or lsd first.
    its so amazing tho.

    my trip to sum it up was like
    me hitting the pipe, geometrical shapes coming out, then everything turned to legos, practically i was in a lego house, then i "transported" into the simpsons living rooom but everything was morphing while i was there, and then shit just went nuts i was in the middle of a rock em sock em robot war and getting punched and twisted in the middle.
    then there was a weird matrix scene where everything was white and a huge 200ft-ish green clay balll was smiling at me

    do it asap if you can
  7. i'm very experienced with hallucinogens. but no, i've never smoked dmt. there are two drugs that i desperately have been wanting to do; and those are mescaline and dmt. so instead of purchasing them, i'm extracting them myself and storing some for as long as i feel the desire to. that way i can chill and whenever i feel the desire to expand my mind i can. i don't exactly want to trip for "fun" or to party or anything like that, more for spiritual enlightenment, and to see into my own life from a different perspective.

    i would also like to have an ayahuasca trip soon.
  8. my friend who's gotten very good at extracting dmt and making it very potent made ayahuasca and he blew chunks for two hours, he said it was a violent trip compared to dmt.

    dmt is very spiritual, my goood friend actuallly stoppped doing tabs, lsd, even stopped smoking cigarettes after one trip bc he saw these gods that made him realize that drugs were ruining his life, and in fact, they were.

    let me know how your trip goes man :)
  9. just a simple new friend has some potent dmt so crazy of the internet, its makign jars of crystal by ITSELF. the pipe is regenerating too like holy shit
  10. take 3 hits, its the only way.

  11. wth are you talking about mann

    gooood luck with that, i usuallly start losing all motor skills after my second inhalation

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