DMT - very hardcore hallucinogen

Discussion in 'General' started by nucan, Dec 10, 2002.

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  1. DMT is this really hardcore hallucinogin that ive heard about from freinds and read about on websites. I\'m really lookin to try it but i first wanna know if anyone here has ever done or knows someone who has done it. Its just a crystal that u smoke and u completley lose all sense of reality. i think it sounds cool as shit, lol. also, if any of yall know where to get any, that would help me out a lot too.. check it out on ..
  2. haha good luck finding any dmt, EVER.. if you want to try that shit youll have to either try a plant extraction ( or settle for meo, ( which you can order online from chem suppliers
  3. ...and no offense, but you dont sound like youd be able to handle dmt worth shit
  4. My supply is home made (copy/paste the following on notepad or the ACSII pictures will look like shit:

    How To Make DMT

    DMT stands for N,N-dimethyltryptamine. It is a semisynthetic
    compound similar to psilocin(the hallucinogenic substance in
    psilocybin) ins structure. The most common method of ingestion is
    smoking. Soaked parsley leaves are the usual method of ingestion
    although persons have dipped marijuana in it and said the
    experience was fantastic. The following recipe can be performed in
    the kitchen.

    Recipe for DMT:

    1. Mix thoroughly and dissolve 25 grams of indole with a pound of
    dry ethyl ether in a 2000 ml flask(2 quart jar.)

    2. Take an ice tray and fill with chipped or shaved ice. Cool
    solution for about 35 minutes until it reaches 0 degrees C. At the
    same time cool 50 ml dry oxalychloride to about 5 degrees below 0
    C. in the same ice tray.

    3. VERY slowly add the oxalychloride solution to the indole
    solution. These two chemicals are highly reactive. Avoid boiling
    over, contact with skin, and fumes.

    4. Wait until all the bubbling has died down, then add a few
    handfuls of table salt to the ice tray, to cool the solution
    further. Label the solution \"solution 1\" and put it in the

    5. Cool 100 ml. of dry ethyl ether in a 500 ml. flask to 0 degrees
    C. in a salted ice tray. At the same time cool an unopened bottle
    of dimethylamine to 0 degrees C. in the same ice bath.

    6. Open the seal of the dimethylamine bottle and slowly pour a
    steady stream into the ether. Label \"solution 2.\"

    7. Very slowly and carefully add solution \"1\" and \"2\" together.

    8. Now take the mixed solutions from the ice tray and bring up to
    room temperature stirring the solution all the time. You should be
    left with a solution that is almost clear. If it is still murky,
    continue stirring until it becomes as clear as possible.

    9. Now filter the solution to seperate the precipitate by suction.

    <---Solution and Precipitate
    \\ /<---Funnel / / <-- Rubber hose to
    \\ / and / / Vacuum source
    \\ / Filter/____/
    \\*****\\ /*************{ }*****/ <--- Two hole
    \\****{ }*************{ }****/ rubber stopper
    \\ { } { } <-/--- Glass Tube
    \\ { } { } /
    | { } { } |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    Figure A.

    10. Refilter with suction after pouring technical ether over the

    11. Repeat filtering once more with ether, then twice with water.

    12. Let this substance dry on a plastic or china plate.(do not use
    metal) After drying, a solid material will be formed. Take
    particles and place them in an 800 ml beaker.

    13. Mix 100 ml. benzene with 100 ml. methyl alcohol. After this
    mixture has been stirred, cover solid particles from step 12 with
    about 1/2 inch of the solution and heat the beaker in water until
    all solid material had dissolved. Add more solvent if
    necessary.(Note: Do not place beaker in water bath directly over
    the flame.)

    14. After all solid material has dissolved, remove beaker from the
    heat, and allow to cool. As it cools, small needle-shaped crystals
    will appear. When this happens, try to pour off as much solvent as
    possible without disturbing the crystals.

    15. Place crystals in a 1000 ml flask and dissolve in
    tetrahydrofurane.(Use only as much as absolutely necessary.) Label
    this solution \"A\".

    16. Slowly mix 200 ml. tetrahydrofurane and 20 grams lithium
    aluminum hydride in a 500 ml flask, and label it solution \"B\".
    (By the way, lithuim aluminum hydride ignites on contact with
    moisture. Protect eyes and hands.)

    17. Mix solutions \"A\" and \"B\" slowly, stirring constantly.

    18. Prepare a water bath and heat solution for three hours,
    stirring for four minutes every half hour. When not stirring, make
    sure to use aspirator tube.
    / / <--- Rubber Tubing
    \\**{ }**/<---- One hole rubber stopper
    /**{ }**\\ and glass tubing
    / { } \\
    / { } \\
    : :
    : :
    : :
    \\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:_____________:~/

    Heat source

    Figure B.

    Place Figure B. flask at a higher level than Figure A. flask. Run
    tube from Figure B. flask down to left side of figure A. flask,
    replacing funnel with glass tubing. Disconnect right side tube
    from vacuum source. This will be used as the aspirator tube.

    19. When this is completed, allow the flask to remain at room
    temperature for about 20 minutes. Then place in salted ice bath,
    and cool to 0 degrees C. Add a small amount of chilled methanol,
    stirring gently until solution appears murky.

    20. Filter this murky solution through a paper filter in a funnel,
    and collect the filtered liquid in a flask.

    21. Add 100 ml. of tetrahydrofuran through the filter and collect
    in the same flask. Now heat the solution in a water bath until
    most of the tetrahydrofuran is evaporated and a gooey substance

    22. Place little piles of this substance on a cookie tray and dry
    with a heat lamp for three or four hours.

    Well, after all that you now have DMT. Was it worth it? To ingest,
    crumble a small quantity with parsley or mint, and smoke. Do not
    inject. Do not mix with tobacco.
  5. has DMT for $99 for a half a gram. all it basically requires is a signiture saying your 21 to order. i think it looks pretty safe to order...even if im under 21. what yall think?
  6. i see 5-MeO-DMT.. do you even know what that is and what the effects are?

  7. yeah dmt looks awsome, i know all about the 5meo and the dipt and what not. i\'m goin to rehab on sunday nathan
  8. god damnit, come back for x-mas at least.. u have that choice dont u?
  9. i go to rehab in 8 hours, fuck shit , um i think i just smoked some of the best pot of my life seriously. i got about a gram for free plus i had 3 bowls outta my one hitter of some cali bud i still have a lot left and vinny smoked me out with it. but i;m not goin home for christmas, i\'m doin it to spite my parents, i love pot so much i told my principal and all my teachers how high i was in all their class i yelled smoke a blut everywhere and my exam essay for enlish was \"FUCK BENDING OAKS (MY HIGHSCHOOL) AND SMOKE A BLUNT\" by lj beckman. and it was about you and me and jackie in my cabin smoking the best pot ever and i was goin to show you my secret feild and it was gone and we freaked out and were thinking of burning downt the cabin to destroy the evidence i got pissed off and took off driving with my bong and a lot of pot and i was gone for hours and found the missing pot, we were so high before we were in the wrong place. i got an A. i asked 2 teachers if they wanted to come with me at lunch and get high. they both said no and i went to JTs studio and got so fucked up off bong rips i havent smoked outta a bong in over a month we were smoking dro like 5 bowls at lunch outta a 2 chamber i didnt put visine or gum in and i just went to the library and took a nap and studied for my last exam. they couldnt do shit to me. you should read some of my other posts i wrote today i was so depressed i dont know why i took my medication. o one thing thats fucked up is i talked to blake and he so sober now its unbelievable, but i think i\'ll have a good time with a clear head i have alot of pot smoking to do in the future i have honestly thought about it and if stopped smoking pot my life would improve vastly but i dont care beacause i\'ve smoked too much pot not to care and most people dont know that but even though i know that i dont care beccause i;ve smoked way too much pot. but fuckit, i\'m goin to enjoy sobriety, and when i get back from rehab i\'m not gunna smoke during school and probaly only like few times a week when depressed huh huh. if you can look up a Rehab on Hazel in Texarkana TX. i\'m there nathan just find their address and write my name on the oustside of the envolope. but dont send anyfucking thing to the rehab i\'d be fucked and i\'m realy gunna be sober. i almost did coke tonight but didnt, i almost said fuckit i\'ll do a couple rails why the fuck not i\'m goin to rehab, but i thought wait i\'m not a fuck up yet i still have a small chance. jesus this is long i hope it gives you something to do while your bored. i\'ll post a pic i got from the picture most best buds contest that looks exactly like the pot i just smoked and have like a half gram left of.
  10. what I found most interesting in this board is not anything about the actual drug, or solarsinsemilla\'s problems, but what phunky phil assumed. Because of the akward grammar, spelling and sentince stucture, likley along with the simplicity of how nuncan typed he sounded young,or stupid, or something, phil was like \"you dont sound like you could handle DMT for shit.\" I found this interesting, how poor spelling gives our brains the image of an unsophisticated writer.

    umm noone else probobly found this interesting at all, sorry.
  11. actually it was more the \"Its just a crystal that u smoke and u completley lose all sense of reality. i think it sounds cool as shit, lol.\"
  12. yall are crazy
  13. aaaaah i see...
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