DMT is both the key to heaven and hell

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  1. You are about to die, you can feel as your body slowly begins to shut down, no matter how long you spent on this earth, you feel this is still too soon, or maybe you've had enough, and just want to get the hell off this damn rock flying around some giant fusion reactor. Regardless, you're scared, have I lived a good enough life to enjoy the afterlife, or will it be hell? These questions would be flying through your head as you know the end is near. You close your eyes and go to sleep for the last time. As you take this final rest, your brain unleashes a chemical avalanche as you prepare to leave this world forever.
    Among these chemicals released is one with little known purpose in the human body, DMT (dimethyl tryptamine), the chemical responsible for dreaming, and the most powerful psychedelic hallucinogen known to man (and therefore a schedule I neurotransmitter?) even though your heart isn't beating, the neurotransmitter receptors will still be active at some level, since most proteins can still function without oxygen.
    As with any drug induced trip, your perception of the final release of DMT will be based entirely on your state of mind at the time of death. If you are happy with your life, if you feel like you left the world a little better off in your brief stay here, and if you don't feel any strong regrets for your actions than it will be a pleasant experience. Conversely if you did a lot of harm, hurt others, put yourself before everyone else, and committed offences as grievous as rape and murder, that guilt will be expressed in your final "trip". If you live like this, than you will have a more terrifying experience than you could ever imagine, and coupled with the fact that DMT effects time perception, this final trip will feel like an eternity, for better or worse.
    As the body and brain decompose, the proteins that make up the receptors will degrade to the point where any form of conscious, or existence will decompose along with it. But I can't stand the Idea of my consciousness disappearing for ever, so I believe that the consciousness will be imprinted on the universe in some way, this "soul" will go to a magical land of bliss, or get reincarnated, or become a noodle in the flying spaghetti monster, or whatever you believe.
    so basically all the afterlife is is a psychedelic drug trip

    for more information on the effects of and ethanogenic uses of DMT
  2. thats the exact conclusion ive come to over the last month

    to add to it....have you noticed that people that internally dont like themselves will most of the time have bad psychadelic trips

    dmt produces the effect of time just vanishing so yes it will seem like an eternity but thatll be sick as hell though because its like vivd dreaming 24/7 (maybe not for you but i love dreams its like the best part of my day)

    eventually when your body and brain decay you have to remember that your letting new life live instead of being selfish cause your ego is trying to hold onto what you have left (nothing about you personally just in general)

    i didnt think anyone would have this same perspective as me....thanks for the post
  3. I am the creator of this universe
    The wind of time is blowing through me
    And it's all moving relative to me,
    It's a figment of my mind
    In a world that I designed
    Charged with cosmic energy
    Has the world gone mad or is it me
    I am the centre of this universe
    And all that it was meant to be
    So that we might learn to see this foolishness
    that lives in us
    And stupidity that we must suss
    How to banish from our minds
    If you call this living I must be blind
  4. Why do the time-distorting effects of DMT necessarily make that period of time literally seem endless?
  5. In the darkness I will shine
    Cast not shadows or define
    Walk on water float on air
    There is no other to compare

    I have this fascination
    No cause for a deviation
    It's called levitation

    There is no cause to start and scream
    Nor rub your eyes this is no dream
    Although I sit upon this chair
    I rise and float up in the air

    I have this fascination
    No cause for a deviation
    It's called levitation

    Magnetic force repel attract
    Once it starts there's no turning back
    I offer you this chance to learn
    Take it now there's no return

    I have this fascination
    No cause for a deviation
    It's called levitation
  6. Dude this makes so much sense.... i hope eventually the transmitters shut off so we can finally just rest in the nothingness that death is supposed to be, for a "true" eternity.
  7. When you're dead, you're not alive to experience it.

    When you're dying, you're living, if you catch my drift.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I'm dying! Slowly but surely.
  8. That totally makes sence. Being an atheist I (weird enough) don't believe in heaven or hell, but I have heard of near death experiences. Is DMT released in time for you to experience it in a near death experience, or isn't it released until after it's "too late"? If you get a DMT trip in a near death exp., that would be the way heaven and hell was created, as a bad person having a near death exp would experience hell/something bad out of regret, while a good person would experience heaven, having no worries.

    I like your theory of the soul continuing to exist in an "acid trip", cause that way science and religion can be combined and both be right.. I think that scientists should be a little more spiritual and religious people (talking about extremists) should be a little more scientific..
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    check out Dmt the spirt molecule, by Rickstrassman
  10. time as a concept, is a manifestation of the mind, time is all relative. Time is infinite, because the time is always now. there is no other time, your mind tries to take you to the future or past, but it doesn't matter what was and what might be, because everyone that IS is now.

    the only usefulness of time is correlated with society's scheduling of tasks. other then that, never think twice about what time it is.

    just be
  11. fuck DMT and all that shit, ill stick to the natural herb thank ya very much

  12. Say that to yourself when it comes time for you to die, and you'll enjoy one hell of a bad trip.
  13. ..........what?..........:confused:
  14. I hope you realize that he is talking about the DMT that is produced in your brain rather than the actual drug that you can smoke.

  15. Naturally, this is speculation, but it seems valid (if you believe it is). No one could come back to really say what it's like.
  16. i like this theory, and it ties a lot of different worlds together in some respects, but I can't totally buy into it. I definitely believe that it could do what you describe in some people, but psychedelic drugs can cause good and bad trips for a huge variety of reasons, and I can see a lot of situations in which you were dying being ones that would trigger terrible trips, regardless of your life prior to such an incident.

    I also can't buy into the trip being an eternity. It seems that it could potentially last a good while due to time dilation, but at some point, it would end as all perception peacefully ceases to exist.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but this is just how I tend to understand it in my own mind. Either way, it's a really interesting phenomenon. It explains a lot of near-death experiences and such.
  17. I agree, it seems like it would have to end sometime, but it would feel like a very long time.
  18. This is a very cool idea.
  19. I would say it's all about how good you are at letting go during the trip and accepting the fact that for once you are NOT in control... if you resist it will surely feel like hell. While I have not tried DMT I have tried salvia and after reading trip reports from both substances they sound similar in this aspect.
  20. Okay so if its naturally released into your brain when you are near death, i have some questions

    First, what constitutes as "near-death" to your body (physiologically)?
    Second, is it not possible that if you were able to reach a deep enough level of meditation, that you could 'fool' your body into believing you were about to die, or also be able to consciously release DMT into your brain??
    I don't see why this wouldn't be possible..

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