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  1. dave matthews is the shit ...just had to post

    by far the best 'chill' music ever!

    ants marching, where are you going, two step, lie in our graves, best of what's around, satilite, crash, grey street, trouble ...its alll good :)
  2. I like Dave. Got tickets to 3 of his shows coming up. I bought a ticket for 6/20/04 in Noblesville IN, a friend bought me a ticket for Noblesville, IN on 6/21/04 for a birthday present. And I bought a ticket for the Columbus, OH show on 6/23/04. So 3 Dave shows in 4 days for Indy. :D
  3. ya hes not coming round to my neck of the woods till september... :(
  4. im glad the show hes doin here cant get sold out, but im not gonna wait to get tickets at the door, im gonna preorder, hes commin here in june i think, i cant wait
  5. I love DMB, have never heard them live but heard they are amazing. I hope to get tickets someday to one of their shows to experience it all. Dave Matthews is a genius producer.
  6. Absolutely amazing, Ive been to 6 concerts have like 200 DMB cd's I actually disagree in that I think that most Dave stuff isnt "chill" music, but he's got a song for every mood and is one of the best bands ever.......JJ is the best chill music IMO BTW
  7. ya nev thats true every song is for a different mood ...thats one of the thigns that makes them so good.
  8. bastard isnt coming to denver...y'all have fun watching keller williams though, im going to see him again hes so damn good, and OAR
  9. hes not comin to mich either this summer :(
    i caught the detroit show last july and it was amazing, i love dave, one hell of a show

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